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What is diabetes? This comes to mind when one is diagnosed with diabetes. The first question asked is how to manage it. Yes, that's true. Fortunately, information abound and all one has to do is to set some time to getting familiar with all the information. The first resource of course is the diabetes care team. After that you have the pick of books, articles and websites.

Diabetes mellitus comes from the Greek word diabetes which means siphon, that is to drain off or pass through. As for mellitus, it is Latin for sweet or honey. Why sweet and honey when there's nothing sweet in it as far as I know. But wait, remember that this happens when there is too much sugar in the blood? Sugar equals sweet. Got it? This sugar does not only stay in the blood; it also comes out with the urine. That is why they call it the pissing evil in the 17th century.

As to what is diabetes, one will gather that it is a health condition that is not curable. It really is a chronic condition that occurs when there is too much sugar in the blood. Why is it too high? Well, when the body does not produce adequate amount of the hormone called insulin, then it does not have a hormone to do the job of moving the sugar from the blood to the cells where it is needed.

Why does this happen? And can we avoid it? There are some factors that make this happen but no one has a definitive answer to this. The gland located behind the stomach called the pancreas just refuses to make enough insulin. Do they become lazy? Who knows?

Some pancreas do not make insulin at all yet some which could be still be making some insulin but can't work in an effective manner because the body becomes resistant to the insulin. This makes the body unable to use the glucose properly. So who is to blame? The resistance to insulin or the pancreas?


The thing we know for sure is that it has to be treated or there will be dire consequences. Thank goodness for all the studies and researches that have gone on through the ages that now we can be more comfortable with the feeling that something is being done.

As a matter of fact our forefathers struggled to understand what is diabetes. They had all kinds of names for it and all reasons imaginable as to what caused it. Then there's the treatment they had that today we will just flatly refuse to take like having to eat pork suet and starving oneself every other day. Who, me? That will be the day!

Today we just have to follow directions, be vigilant in monitoring the blood glucose level and be in the know as to the latest news that affect our condition. Where before, it was a death sentence, now we can live a normal life, pursuing our dreams and becoming as successful as the next guy. That's all the answer to what is diabetes.

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