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Type 2 diabetes menu could include barbecuing in the summer as long as we include foods that are healthy. The key is to make slight changes that will make the barbecued meals nutritious. The natural flavors will still be there and the whole family can take part in this summer pastime.

The 2007 Angus Reid poll reported that among the Canadians, more than 70% own a barbecue or grill so is it any wonder that when summer time comes, we all enjoy our barbecue favorites? The beauty of this is that we can incorporate our type 2 diabetes menu.


The truth of the matter though is that barbecue get-togethers include such foods and drinks that are high in fat and calories. So there's quite a lot of temptation. Hmmm, what to do is the question. Have no fear for I am here, gathering data from all over the world to get all those delicious grill time favorites fit the type 2 diabetes menu. First, here are some suggestions:

1. Make some subtle changes - Have a salad with a burger instead of putting it in a bun. Don't stand near the potato chip bowl and dip as it is easy to indulge in this when talking to family and friends. I will not lie to you for I love potato chips but alas, my love was not a caring one for I ballooned to 200 pounds. I got to tell you this; it took forever to lose those pounds. I still have some I keep as a memento. I don’t want this to happen to you so use a small plate to put your servings in as the portions will appear larger then.

2. Avoid too much to drink. Lots of beer and wine will add up a load of calories. Thirty years of studies say only small amounts to moderate has cardiovascular benefit.

3. Keep track of the portion sizes as this will jeopardize what you have worked so hard for all these days.

4. Avoid barbecuing on an empty stomach. An empty stomach will make it difficult to make decisions and select the best portions and the healthy types of food. To get around this, snack smart on a banana or some other small bites, big taste hors d'oeuvres like a couple of high-fiber crackers spread with low-fat cheese.

5. Use the seasonings that are simple. Use herbs and garlic and when marinating meats, use ones that are based on fruits. The low-calorie dressings for salads can also act as marinade.

6. Add to your barbecue style by grilling other stuff like fruits. Did you know you could grill pears, plums and peaches? Now these are certainly good to incorporate in the type 2 diabetes menu.

7. Vegetables are delicious grilled. Select veggies that are tender and cook fast like onions, pepper, and zucchini. They can easily be chopped and grilled in a wire basket or sliced and skewered and seasoned with lemon juice. They'll surely add nutrition, flavor and color to any meal. It will certainly be a flavor on a stick.

This is getting too long. Next time and that's a week at the most, I will give you a barbecue recipe that you can include in your type 2 diabetes menu. It will include a family secret that has been saved for several generations. Believe me, it is not something you will want to miss.

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