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With the latest findings on what Type 2 or Type II Diabetes is, and how it happens, we will explore this matter. This type of diabetes is a product of the body resisting insulin. The sugar has a tough time getting from the blood to the operational cells. This is true even if the body produces additional insulin, This added work of producing more insulin may make the pancreas deteriorate.

Type 2 Diabetes affects 90% of all diabetics while 10% have Type 1 Diabetes. To differentiate the two types, remember that a The diabetic who suffers from this type of diabetes cannot generate enough insulin. The Type 2 diabetic resists insulin. The term is hyperinsulinemia which means either the body cannot use insulin efficiently or it does not produce enough insulin, or both.

Both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes may be hazardous to your health. They may lead to trouble if the diabetes is not controlled. This may sound difficult but it isn’t. It just requires determination and an open mind. If your health is at stake, wouldn’t you do all you can to reverse the process? Sure you will; just keep coming back to this website and we will help you keep your will power alive.

With diabetes, you should keep your blood sugar level between 80 mg/dL and 130 mg/dL. Your doctor may determine other limits for you because he knows the overall state of your health. At least armed with some information like what we share with you, you will be in the know. You may save money and time in the process.

Let's see what's in store for another diabetes type. You can only control your blood sugar by testing often. It takes only minutes. I know because my husband tested his blood sugar everyday at the start to make sure he is staying within the aforementioned limits. Now he is only testing his blood sugar once a week and he has stayed within normal limits for over a year. In the beginning, it is a constant struggle but it will be worth it. Bottom line? The body works best when the blood sugar is within these confines.

Type 2 or Type II Diabetes typically appears in people forty-five years old or over. They usually have family history of diabetes, are obese and do not do exercises on a regular basis. Also, they are of any of the following racial and ethnic groups: Hispanic American, African American, Native American, Asian and Pacific Islander. This type of diabetes also usually appears in women who had gestational diabetes.

There are good news and bad news regarding Type 2 or Type II Diabetes. Let’s start with the good news. With proper control, diet, exercise and medication this type of diabetes can be beaten and you will live a normal life.


The bad news? Do you really like to know? Oh, okay if you insist, here it is. Type 2 or Type II Diabetes is on the rise. Why, you like to know? For one thing, older people are greater in number than ever. Secondly, a lot of people are now overweight. And many of them do not exercise. Are you one of them? You can reverse the process, right here, right now. We will show you how.

Here's Dr. Dahlman who will discuss with you Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes. He said that diet can improve diabetes and blood sugar regulation. I will show you two other videos of his in the diet section of this website. He is not very impressed with advice of American Diabetes Association, I wonder why. See for yourself here.

Too low blood sugar is just as bad as the high blood sugar. You will walk a fine line trying to balance the two, but it is worth it. After all, it is your life we are talking about here. Low blood sugar can make you feel on edge, covered with sweat, and worse you may even faint. If your blood sugar falls to below 60md/dL, then that’s when you might faint.

Here' someone who calls himself a diabetic warrior. He claims he can help you fight type 2 diabetes and win. He has this message to the diabetics: "Lower your blood sugar naturally-cure insulin resistance-eliminate diabetes drugs and Insulin shots-lose body fat-gain lean muscle-eat delicious diabetes foods-restore your energy and live a normal life again..." You can read the whole thing here: Click Here!

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Review Type 2 diabetes?

When can this happen, you asked? Too much insulin for one thing can do it along with too much exercise, or too much alcohol intake and inadequate carbohydrates. When this happens, be ready to eat some carbohydrates to increase your blood sugar. Not a big deal, for there is always a solution to any problem. This not even a problem really, just a challenge.

If you have Type 2 Diabetes, you may not encounter the same challenges as the one with Type 1 Diabetes. Bottom line? It is vital to know the dangers of diabetes and to try hard to keep it under control. Don’t worry for we will do it together.

Here's a story of a lady who cracked the code and stopped diabetes cold. You will be amazed at how she did it. You too can do the same and beat diabetes despite all the bad news you hear: Just check it out here: Click Here!

If you want more information about diabetes, please visit: Blogging for Diabetes and You

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