Type 1 Diabetes Cause

Type 1 diabetes cause is debatable. There are some theories floating around and I am here to point to you what they are. But first let me remind you that this is also called IDDM, an acronym for Insulin-Dependent-Diabetes-Mellitus, in contrast to NIDDM for Non- Insulin-Dependent-Diabetes-Mellitus, which is Type 2.

Don't get me wrong though because the terms IDDM and NIDDM were dropped as they became misleading. Why? Because it led to people having the wrong notion that Type 2 can become Type 1 which cannot happen despite the fact that Type 2 can become worse and may need insulin.

The Type 1 diabetes cause can clear up some misunderstanding. Those who have researched this believe that it is due to a combination of factors. one of them being genetics. This is without a doubt important in the vulnerability of the disease.

In studies of Type 1 diabetes cause, researchers have zeroed in on the close connection between this disease and the human leukocyte antigens which is more easily measured. This makes it possible for the researchers to look at the diabetic gene. They are intensively studying this to have better understanding of the genetic factor and the disorder.

To put it bluntly, there is a hereditary tendency brought on by a diabetic gene or genes. This theory of the Type 1 diabetes cause has been confirmed by studies conducted with subjects of both identical and non-identical twins. They are quick to say though that while genetic factors play an important role, they are only predisposing parts of the whole scenario. Why?

The researchers believe that for the genetic factors to be part of Type 1 diabetes cause, they have to interrelate with environmental pressure. This brings us to environmental stress as a another factor and this should take account the exposure to common illnesses and other substances early in life.

In the studies, most experts believe that it is an auto-immune disease that can harm and destroy the islet cells that produce insulin. Some say further that this disorder can come without warning and those affected are taken by surprise.

The researchers of the Type 1 diabetes cause report that it looks like the immune system attacks the beta cells in the pancreas, effectively destroying them thus rendering them unable to produce no insulin at all. This knowledge is helpful. How?

The finding of the immune system attacking the pancreas enable the researchers of the Type 1 diabetes cause to concentrate on studies on how to correct this disturbance in the immune system. Hopefully, they will find ways on how to correct this before the onset of the disorder.

Have no fear; modern facts and treatment are here. As long as we follow the simple rules and pay careful attention to monitoring blood glucose, proper diet and exercise, working with the doctor and your health care team and the administration of insulin, things will be brighter. These are the foundation of treatment.

We will keep building on our knowledge about this disorder and little by little, we will get there. Look at how far they have advanced in dealing with coma. They have already awakened one patient and got him talking. Surely, they'll find a way to get the immune system do its work and not attack the pancreas, thereby eliminating this Type 1 diabetes cause.

Here's Dr Chris Steele who will reply to an email from Bill in Southampton about the causes, symptoms and treatments of diabetes. His reply is in the form of a video. Just click the forward button and you will be off watching and listening to the doctor's reply:

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