Treatment of Diabetes with Acupuncture

Treatment of diabetes through acupuncture. What is acupuncture, anyway? It is the process in which a practitioner puts in needles into points on the skin. Some think this generates the discharge of the body’s natural painkillers. Some of these scientists believe that acupuncture offers relief from constant pain so is good for people who suffer from neuropathy.

What is neuropathy? Well it is the painful nerve damage caused by diabetes. Often this leads to numbness and abnormal feeling. The pain is different from the usual pain of hitting a finger with a hammer. Pain caused by neuropathy is typically perceived as a fixed burning sensation. For some people the treatment of diabetes is acupuncture.

Treatment of diabetes through acupuncture is getting some recognition especially with the painful neuropathy. Considered as one of the oldest treatments, acupuncture has been employed for over two thousand years. The essential theory and method have remained the same despite some developments. At first, they used this therapy mainly in the east but has now infiltrated the west.

The Chinese believed that the performance of the body depends on the normal flow of energy or life force. They name this as Chi. This life force is in a constant state of change. There’s always an exchange between the Chi of the body and the Chi of the environment which can be good or harmful.

So when one is on a poor diet, his defenses are lowered. Stress can lower one’s resistance to disease. And so one can get sick. Doctors and therapists try hard help us heal ourselves by trying to boost our level of health in different ways. And one treatment of diabetes especially with neuropathy is acupuncture.

One of the basics of holistic practice is that no one part of the body can be disturbed without affecting the rest of the other parts. If any disturbance is allowed to continue without treatment, it will spread to the other parts of the body. Treatment of diabetes is crucial then in restoring the body’s system.

The acupuncture system. and diagnosis may be different from those used in Western medicine but the patient will not find it different on his first visit. In fact many of the questions the practitioners ask are almost similar. What is different is the way the Chinese and Western doctors interpret the symptoms.

The Chinese treatment goal is not just to improve the condition but to remove its cause also. Sometimes though, they treat definite symptoms with acupuncture since some points have specific effects as in lowering the high blood pressure but they are not used as the total therapy. Treatment of diabetes has also for its goal to improve the health and remove the cause of the disease.

Like some other complementary treatments, acupuncture is a means of bringing back the body’s energy flow to a normal state to the point the body will be able to heal itself. With the deficiency in the body’s energy flow, the system must be stimulated.

Selecting the points to use in the treatment is not easy. The acupuncturist has to know the function of each point and the relationship between the points. He must know how to reinstate the system’s balance and to stimulate the body to function normally again. Hope it is just as easy to go through the treatment of diabetes.

Review Treatment of Diabetes with Acupuncture?

Don’t be concerned at the thought of being stuck with a lot of needles. Instead think of the treatment of diabetes that is your goal. The acupuncturist is skilled at treating any condition with least number of needles. A patient is frequently treated with no more than five needles. In fact, sometimes one needle is enough.

Remember though that not every patient will respond the same way to acupuncture. People have different way of responding to treatment and with drugs often a few will be tried before finding what suit a patient the best. There is no one treatment that will suit everybody. And the treatment of diabetes is something you have to investigate.

However, if the treatment of diabetes you are getting right now is giving you disagreeable side effects, you may have to look elsewhere for something that may work for you. Sometimes people try one complementary therapy after another until they find the one that suits them the best.

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