Testicles and Erectile Dysfunction? No, It's the Penis That's Involved


Testicles and erectile dysfunction? No, you got that wrong. It is the penis that is involved in erectile dysfunction. Approximately 35% to 75 % of men who suffer from long standing and uncontrolled diabetes mellitus experience the manifest symptom of erectile dysfunction (ED).

ED is popularly known as impotency. How about the women? Are they affected by this? Fortunately, diabetic women even with known evidence of diabetic neuropathy maintain a relatively normal sexual drive, desire and performance although they have vaginal dryness and show less response.

To be sexually impotent simply means the inability to achieve full penile erection for the purpose of completing a successful sexual intercourse. No the testicles are not involved here at all. Men may find they cannot have an erection despite having sexual desire.


It is difficult to get the statistics on this as many men keep this problem to themselves. At this point, it is important to underline the fact that it is very normal to experience or to have erectile dysfunction on occasion. It is age-related usually occurring at over 40 years old to diabetic men as well as to the non-diabetic ones.

In fact, by age 50, the men afflicted with ED runs as high as 50 to 60% in different degrees. As mentioned above, ED comes in different types from occurring only sometimes all the way to complete impotence. Complete impotence does not happen often.

This just means that most of the time or all the time the penis fails to stay erect during intercourse. Having this happen sometimes does not mean one is impotent. The same is true if one experiences less sexual desire, premature ejaculation, and inability to maintain erection. Failing to reach orgasm and to ejaculate does not make one impotent either.

What is the cause of ED? Physical and psychological factors could be behind this. The most common cause for diabetic men is the damage to the blood vessel and the nerves. Having experienced cardiovascular complications and neuropathy can make one at high risk for erectile dysfunction.


Diabetes Tied to Male Depression

There is a link between diabetes and depression in men. According to a study by the American Diabetes Association, diabetes has an effect on the sexual and emotional health of men and no wonder. For aside from the aforementioned, diabetes can also lead to a host of other problems. Click the link below for a more complete perspective on this.

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Remember to tell the doctor all the medications you take as this may also cause ED although temporarily. Talking about diabetes mellitus, it is important to underscore the fact that the presence of excessive sugar in a man with long standing history of diabetes mellitus can damage the nerves and blood vessels responsible for penile erection.

This means not enough blood reaches the penis, not the testicles, to cause to full erection. To test if nerve damage is the cause of ED, an ultra sound study of the penis is used. To measure the blood flow through the veins and arteries, the sound waves are employed.

We will know more about the reasons behind erectile dysfunction on the next page, along with the treatment options, as this is getting too long. It is not understood why some other parts are believed to be part of this challenge so for now, suffice is it to say that with erectile dysfunction, only the penis is involved and not the testicles at all.

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