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Signs of diabetes? How is this for a positive sign? Evin Maria Eldridge has type 1 diabetes but the condition does not stop her from pursuing her dream. This June, she plans to climb Mount Rainier to celebrate her 20th birthday and her 2-year anniversary of living with the disease.

Mount Rainier is a 14,410-foot stratovolcano, and Evin would be the youngest diabetic to summit ever. Most especially, however, she will do this to raise funds for American Diabetes Association. What a wonderful way to raise money and awareness for the cause!

Let’s all do what we can to help her get to the top, and support the American Diabetes Association. A little help from all of us will go a long way to finance such a worthy endeavor. You can reach her at

Also, read her training blog as she conditions her body and mind to be in the best shape of her life. It is clear that Evin took it upon herself to be an empowered manager of her condition. She was proactive in her dealing with the disease and did whatever she could do to prevent the complications. She got rid of all those signs of diabetes.

She understood the nature of the illness and became totally involved in her care. At the start, when she had the signs of diabetes, she was lost and afraid. “When I was diagnosed, I was terrified. I will always remember feeling that the nurse was talking to someone else when he spoke the words, "you have diabetes".

"I took four days to learn to inject myself, and cooperative learning sessions with nurses were traumatic.” A diagnosis with a chronic condition is very scary, and life-changing. But that did not stop her from pursuing her dream. She just went straight ahead and took control of her diabetes.

“Sifting through all the misinformation out there, and learning how to treat myself were my greatest technical challenges following my diagnosis. My greatest challenges of all, however, were emotional. I had to learn to not only survive, but thrive, and not only in spite of, but because of my condition. This was both the greatest challenge and the most rewarding lesson of my entire life."

She really is fighting the condition through exercise. And the payoffs are great. One of the perks of her activities is looking great. Doesn't she look great? Just look at her picture. So don't forget to give support to the worthy cause. There are no signs of diabetes, definitely!

signsofdiabetes no more

She reminds me of another diabetic athlete who just started running marathons when she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. She was scared too but she took control of it and by 2000, she was the first diabetic athlete to qualify for the US Olympic, was ranked 10th in the world and last September 2007, she came in second in the US national championships. Her name? Missy Foy. Don't you think these two are such success stories for having erased those signs of diabetes?

Evin resolved to face diabetes head on. She knew it would take more than will power but her resolutions were her strategy for success. It was not without a plan, for she accompanied her good intentions with an action map before she committed to changing from being scared to empowerment.

That is why she is succeeding. Planning and preparation are the keys to success. She made herself ready to make those resolutions. She was confident she was ready to make them and she is showing everyone how to do it. Making public declaration of her intention helps make her feel accountable, which she announced on her training blog.

You can contact her at her blog, And if you know of other people who can help Evin climb her mountain both literally and figuratively, don't hesitate to forward this to as many people as you can so you can help eliminate those signs of diabetes permanently.

Signs of Diabetes and a Success Story

Signs of diabetes like fatigue, excessive thirst and frequent urination need not worry those who have them for there are success stories where people have done well despite the condition.

These courageous and determined people did well sometimes with help from the employers like the Diabetes Ten City Challenge where employers who participate set up a voluntary health benefit for diabetic employees and waive co-payments for diabetes supplies and medications if they work with a pharmacist who will coach them to manage their condition. Show this to your employer just in case they will do the same.

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