The Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes the QB Felt


The signs and symptoms of diabetes that the Denver Broncos quarterback felt were a mystery to him. This football player known to his multitude of fans as Jay Cutler could not understand why he was losing weight last season, going down to 203 pounds from 238. The report was that he lost 32 pounds but apparently he lost more than that.

In addition to the weight loss the other signs and symptoms of diabetes that Jay felt were his constant thirst, lack of energy and frequent urination. These are the classic signs but since his family did not have a track record for this disease, he thought nothing of them.

Then the bombshell dropped. As we all understand, blood tests are required before the start of the season in order to go through the conditioning and strength exercises the athletes had to undergo. And the blood tests revealed that his blood glucose level was five times higher than normal. No wonder he felt all those signs and symptoms of diabetes.

At a press conference, he said the diagnosis came as a relief after having been dogged with all those signs and symptoms of diabetes with severe weight loss and energy. It will be a big adjustment he said. Where before he just ate anything anywhere, now he will have to eat in a healthier way.

He will have to count the carbohydrates and check the insulin dose at the table. He will have to have needles and use the insulin meter. He said it will be a big change for him but it is something he has to do. Although he said it will not affect the way he will play, apparently last year, it affected his game for six months.

He admitted he did not have a lot of strength before the diagnosis. He said people must have known this from the way he threw the balls. Some of the time, those throws did not have a lot behind them. Now it has been reported that Jay Cutler is wearing an insulin pump.

This third-year 25-year old Denver Broncos quarterback has his energy coming back. He is also gaining back the weight he lost and is now weighing 220 pounds. Best of all, his doctors now know what to do since finding out that he has diabetes. He has started his insulin therapy and feels better for it. This he has to have on a regular basis, thus making his condition more manageable.

Jay Cutler said he will be playing well in the field and be a better quarterback this year but is cognizant of the fact that he has to undergo some lifestyle modifications. He does not think it will affect his game at all.

He talked about this challenge after the doctors revealed that he has type 1 diabetes. He said that the blood work done on him last April 16, showed that he had the condition. He admitted that it is a serious disease and that he will have this for the rest of his life.

He showed good spirit at the interview and was willing to throw a deep pass to prove that he is back to his normal self. Last March, he threw the ball just fine when he played quarterback in Nashville for his former teammate Earl Bennett.

He did say this should not affect his game and that he will be a better quarterback this year than the year before. Last year, Jay Cutler completed 297 out of 497 passes for 3497 yards with 14 interceptions and 20 touchdowns despite showing the signs and symptoms of diabetes.

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