Sample Menu for Diabetes, a Planned Community Event

Sample menu for diabetes could be presented in planning a diabetes activity for the community. Since diet is the cornerstone of self-care, this deserves first consideration in thinking of events to help people control this disease. How do you plan such an event?

First, find out what's coming up. Is there a program on sample menu for diabetes that already exists? To find out, seek answers from local convention centers, public health department, local paper, minority associations and diabetes organizations.

Then find out who else in the community is interested in developing a project about sample menu for diabetes. Are there organizations that are active on this topic? The news is also a good source as often there are reports on people who do things for the community. They will be the potential allies in developing the project.

Then there is a need for a timeline as to when each task involving the project on sample menu for diabetes will be accomplished. Find out where the event will be held. Often churches, schools and community centers are open to such a project without charging a fee.

Make sure though that the location for the event on presenting sample menu for diabetes is easy to get to and has sufficient space for parking, members, clean, comfortable and safe and with equipment such as VCR, slide projectors and such.

Now how about the materials you need for such an event? There are diabetes associations, websites and books that present a sample menu for diabetes. Then you will have to figure out the contact for the event, probably mostly volunteers. Then find out who will donate the refreshments, print the flyers and obtain what the event will need.

This event on sample menu for diabetes has to be publicized. Write what it is all about and distribute this to the media and post on bulletin boards, libraries, grocery stores and other outlets. It is a good idea to invite a celebrity or a guest speaker. The questions what, where, when and why should be answered to keep everyone informed.

Make sure each volunteer knows what to do, what he needs and how and where to obtain them. Then assign trouble shooters who will know the whole event and will be available when a problem comes up. A sample menu for diabetes such as the following will be presented:

Added after this
1200-Calorie Sample Menu for Diabetes
Breakfast 200-250 calories 1 cup nonfat yogurt 1 cup cold cereal, no sugar
1 small fruit 1 cup low-fat milk
1 waffle 1 small fruit
1 tbsps sugar-free syrup
Lunch 300-400 calories 1/2 cup cottage cheeseLow-calorie frozen entree
1 cup fresh fruit Salad with fat-free dressing
1/2 whole wheat pita 1 small fruit
1 cup low-fat milk
Dinner 500-550 calories Low-calorie frozen entree Chicken and vegetable stir-fry
Salad with balsamic vinegar 1/2 cup brown rice
1 small fruit 1 small fruit
1/2 cup nonfat frozen dessert 1 cup low-fat milk
Snack 100 calories 3 cups nonfat popcorn 1/2 cup sugar-free pudding

There you have the sample menu for 1200-calories. I have two other choices for each meal and selections for 1500, 1800, and 2000 calorie meal plans. If you want a copy of this, please fill in the contact form below to avoid spam. This way, we will know that only interested people sincerely want the information.

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Someday there will be no such thing as a diabetes diet for what is good in the sample menu for diabetes is a healthy meal for everyone. If everyone can sustain this from day to day, then beating diabetes is a cinch. This is certainly a part of the treatment and prevention of this disease along with its complications.

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