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Reversing diabetes_2 has been given a lot of attention lately and rightly so. The number of people diagnosed with this condition has hit the epidemic level (They say almost one of every 10 have been diagnosed in the US) and so one has to consider preventing it from knocking on the door. There is no cure yet but many are of the opinion that preventing it is possible through proper diet and exercise.

Reversing diabetes_2 does not depend on medications or drugs alone to be successful but some do not advocate the natural way to prevent it. Some pharmaceutical firms still think that the only way to manage this disease successfully is through medication or insulin. But there has been evidence that this isn't the only way to handle this condition.

Reversing diabetes_2 takes time for it is not an overnight cure but it is doable. The procedure is proven and I will show you several ways of doing it. Just following them will make you feel better in a few weeks. It will take some adjusting, I know, especially if you are addicted to fast foods. So, are you ready to change your life? If so, fasten your seat belts for here they are:

  • Immediately change your diet by eliminating sugars and carbohydrates that are rich in sugar.
  • Eat adequate amount of foods that have high protein content like nuts, sea foods, dairy, soy and meats. Do you know why? It is because they are the repairers of cells that diabetes destroys. Once the cells are repaired, they should accept insulin again.
  • Water is the main chemical component of the body. In fact, 60% of our body weight is water. This is so essential in the functioning of our body properly. Water flushes toxins out of the important organs. It also transports nutrients to the cells. Inadequate amount of water will lead to dehydration that will not make them do their work. The lesson of the story? Drink eight glasses (8-oz each) of water every day. That's 1.9 liters.


If you follow the above suggestions, you will notice a dramatic change at least in the level of insulin you are taking. This is despite what some people in the medical field are saying that diabetes is not reversible.

Really, diabetes is a lifestyle condition that is entirely preventable. That is why we have to work at changing the statistics saying that one of every three children born today will develop diabetes sometime in their life.

Let us therefore listen to the report of Dr. Walter Willett and his colleagues from Harvard School of Public Health that is published in the New England Journal of Medicine. They demonstrated that of all type 2 diabetes, 91% could be prevented. How? Through lifestyle and diet improvement.

I like what he said that we should live in harmony with our genes. We were supposed to be adapted to nutritious meals with high fiber and rich in omega-3 fats. But then came fast foods and we started eating out of harmony with our genes, turning instead on the food that can promote diabetes.

An example is the case of the Pima Indians who were slim and fit a century ago when they were eating a diet high in fiber and unprocessed foods that were mostly plants. When they switched their diet to processed foods, sugar, white flour and trans fats, almost all are now obese and 80% of them are diabetics.

This should wake all of us to the reality and be aggressive in changing the lifestyle of eating healthy and moving more and sometimes with medication. This condition has to be diagnosed early.

In fact doctors are urged to diagnose pre-diabetes as early as decades before it wrecks havoc and damage the body. This way, it will not get full-blown and will avoid the complications. That is why, the way to go is reversing diabetes_2.

As you can see, reversing diabetes is making difficult decisions to some in choice of foods and exercise. It means eating right and moving more, no excuses accepted for the alternative could be full blown diabetes.

If you can't do it right away or what they say cold turkey, then start slowly but do it everyday working towards eating healthy and exercising. Give up the foods that encourage diabetes like white flour and refined white sugar and exercise instead of watching TV so many hours a day.

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