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Reversing Diabetes the Natural Way Reversing diabetes is an issue that will not go away but here Dr. Fuhrman, author of “The End of Diabetes” explains it all. I used my own words so I will not be penalyzed for duplicate content.

What do you tell the medical professionals who do not believe as much as you do that diabetes can be reversed by lifestyle overhaul?

Many doctors do not believe because the results they have seen are just small changes, not actual lifestyle overhaul. Modest changes will not do the job. Just changing slightly the diet will not reverse diabetes. Reversing diabetes has to be backed by radical change. Just eating better will not do it; it has to be all the way.

Do you recommend eating overhaul side by side with treating diabetes traditionally like with insulin?

Those who follow the eating overhaul will find themselves not needing the traditional treatment like drugs to lower glucose. Neither will they need to monitor their blood sugar but they will have to be in close contact with their physicians as their doses may need an adjustment or risk having low blood sugar reading. In most cases the medication is totally eradicated for the diabetes is reversed.

Please give us more info on the eating plan in your book:

I call the eating style I recommend nutritarian and this refers to one who opts for foods based on the nutrient density. Here is the formula I use: H = N/C which means the future health is based on the nutrient to calorie ratio of the diet. This further means the focus is on vegetables especially the green ones, fresh fruits, beans, seeds and nuts.

Beans are the favoured source of carbohydrate, for the diabetics especially. They are exceptional because the starch they have are for the most part resistant so they do not lead to higher blood glucose as much as the other sources of carbohydrates. In addition, the body does not absorb all the calories from the beans.

Can you explain more how to reverse diabetes by changing the eating style?

A diet that contains high nutrients is high in fiber and has a low GI rating thus helping keep the blood sugar within the target level. This type of diet also provides protective phytochemicals that heal the body. This also puts one back to the body's natural signals for hunger and satiety, making one better able to lose weight. The opposite side of the equation with foods containing low nutrients along with lack of physical activity lead to obesity. Eliminating this can bring the body to better health.

We all try to eat healthy and move more because that is what we hear from the diet and exercise groups but why are we still getting obese? That is because most of our diets are high in calories and contain less nutrients so the body wants more making us want to eat more.

Besides, foods containing low nutrients have addictive properties, making us food addicts. Even eating small portions of the same addictive food will not work. Eating high nutrient foods, on the other hand, will make us lose the desire for those with low nutrients. It will make us lose interest on these foods in a few months.

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Reversing diabetes_1 is only possible if we are willing to make the extra effort and take time to act, exercise and change our eating habits. We need to find ways how to cope with our surroundings without jeopardizing our own health and eventually our life.

Many people today think that reversing diabetes_1 is not at all possible. They think that if you already have this condition, you might as well live and die with it. We know a lot of people who have this condition who think that having diabetes is akin to a death sentence.

That is far from the truth. It is true that this condition is showing the blood sugar is elevated. Based on this, they claim that there are already almost 40% of deaths accounted for in the United States alone. There are symptoms that mostly will lead the diabetic person to be living in pain. But look at the people who are living a full and rewarding life despite having this condition.

In most type 2 diabetics, the cells are resistant to the signals of insulin. The pancreas that produce the insulin to clear the glucose in the blood is somehow unable to do its job. This leads to the condition called insulin resistance. This in turn could lead to increased risk of hypertension, heart attack, obesity, impotence, stroke, liver damage, and some other problems.

High levels of glucose in the body overwhelm the kidney’s ability to reabsorb glucose. Then it is secreted in the urine along with some water-soluble nutrients which are lost significantly. To improve the nutritional status and also to prevent complications, and thus reversing diabetes_1, there is a clear need to eat healthy. Try it for thirty days and see what happens.

Eating vegetables, whole grain, beans, unrefined oils, fruits, and some other nutritious foods will help. We need to make sure that we include these foods in our daily diet plans. Carbohydrate-rich foods such as breads, and some other products with white flour should be minimized if not eliminated in our diet plans.


Since we all know that obesity and physical inactivity of a person are directly linked to the greater risk of having uncontrollable diabetes, then it follows good healthy habit of eating nutritious foods and physical activity will somehow help in reversing diabetes_1.

You see, all carbohydrates are broken down into glucose and other simple sugars in the body. When this happens, some people will have a dramatic rise in their blood sugar levels. Others are digested slowly and the sugars are gradually released to the bloodstream.

The type and amount of carbohydrates and fiber the food contains determine how they are processed. Even the way the food is cooked and the acidity have a big impact on how the body will digest it. So it is best to pay attention to this simple truth.

One diet plan that really helps the diabetics is to eat the meals in moderate quantity and to have a tight control of the blood sugar level. Reversing diabetes_1 will require a regular schedule of meal time and then to eat not only foods that will keep one healthy but also in moderation.

Researchers recently suggest that a protein snack before bedtime will help a diabetic maintain the target blood sugar level all through the night. But remember to eat an adequate amount of food during meal time followed by healthy snacking. High in calorie meals plus snacks will result in weight gain and eventually will lead to uncontrollable obesity. So keep this in check.

Diabetes is rampant nowadays. It is very common which is why a lot of doctors and researchers are making time to make diabetes a thing of the past. The main goal here is to find ways so that this degenerative condition will cease to exist. We can then congratulate ourselves for having been successful at reversing diabetes_1.

Reversing Diabetes_1, What Does This Mean?
Reversing diabetes requires one to be determined to make tough choices in eating right and moving more. Eating right means avoiding foods that promote diabetes and choosing foods that are healthy and wholesome.

So avoid foods that contain refined white sugar, sucrose, high-fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, dextrose, white flour, enriched flours, and others. So get rid of all cakes, sweets, ice creams and candy bars as they are leading you to diabetes. Moving more means engaging in physical activity for more than 30 minutes a day.  

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