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Recipes for diabetes_1 can be further made healthier. Every day, the Eat Better America kitchens test recipes. In doing so, they found simple secrets to make the food not only more palatable but also healthier. And these secrets they are willing to share with us.

Cutting the fat in half is one of the secrets. As we know fats are very heavy in calories. They contain nine calories per one gram of fat. Compare that with protein and carbohydrates that can only boast of containing four calories per gram. Not only this for there are other things to consider when it comes to fat.

We know that fats are not created equal. That is why the recommendation is to use vegetable oil, olive oil and canola oil for they are considered good fats. Use them when you are stir-frying, baking or cooking. Why? Because they have less saturated fat. So you see, this is one way to healthify the recipes for diabetes_1, especially when you use olive oil like below.


Here is another simple secret. Go lean with protein. When cooking meat, choose the lean and extra-lean ground meats. Or have ground turkey breast, poultry without the skin, (Yikes, the skin part is my favorite at Swiss Chalet.) turkey bacon and low-fat sausages.

Better still, switch to vegetarian alternatives for breakfast. Instead of the full meat asked for in the recipes for diabetes_1, try substituting beans for half of the meat. This way, you're shooting two birds with one. Why? Because you're adding fiber, that's one. And you're cutting the saturated fat, that makes two.

You don't have to give up baking just because you want to eat healthy. Just replace the butter with no-transfat vegetable oil and voila! You'll get yourself a healthier meal. Here's another one. Replace the fat with applesauce and you got yourself a healthier alternative that is also healthy for the heart. One will never know it because it is ultra moist. Also add nuts.

When you want to add flavor to omelet, quiches or frittatas, add tomatoes. Tomatoes are just one of the few vegetables that provide more of the important phytonutrient lycopene, whatever that means. Actually phytonutrients are the natural compounds in plant foods like vegetables and fruit. They help promote good health.

You can also add drained canned tomatoes to a favorite recipe. At times, I put a heaping amount of crushed tomatoes on top of a baked potato. You may not like it at first, but the taste will grow on you, I promise. For I didn't like it at first, but now I look for it even when we eat out at restaurants and of course no one has this in their menus.

Now let's summarize how to healthify recipes for diabetes_1.

  • Cut the amount of fat, sodium and sugar.
  • Get rid of unhealthy ingredients like coconut, frosting, butter, mayonnaise, jelly, syrup, pickles and olives.
  • Make substitutions like beans for half of the meat, whole-wheat pasta instead of the enriched variety, fat-free milk instead of whole milk.
  • Eat smaller portions which will allow you to eat from a wider assortment of food.
  • Use healthy cooking methods like broiling, steaming, grilling and braising instead of frying.

That is not so bad, is it? It requires some adjustment but you will get there because I did. I am a first class foodie and I love my food, all kinds of them so I know anyone can make a switch because I did. So go ahead and try to healthify the recipes for diabetes_1.

Recipes for Diabetes_1, How to Make Them Healthier
There are plenty of ways to prepare the food the healthy way and at the same time keep the wonderful flavor, taste and textures. Here are some of them: Use more vegetables and less meat when cooking casseroles and stews. Use whole grains for pasta and bread or use whole wheat flour when baking instead of the white variety.

Using non-stick skillets will lower the use of fat and instead of white rice and pasta, serve side dishes with whole grain like kasha and bulgur. There are more that I will put in tips so please sign up first for free at the top of the page to get tips and alert delivered right to your email inbox.

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