Prevent Diabetes_1 in Four Weeks, Then Pick Up the Pace


Prevent diabetes_1 in two ways have been shown on the previous page. We have presented week 1 on exercise and week 2 in watching the fiber. Really, if one truly wants to do this there are only two things to do: exercise and watch the diet. Watching the fiber is indeed part of a healthy diet. Now let's move on to weeks 3 and 4 which are both diet-related.

Week 3- Watch your fat intake

The goal is to cut the saturated fat in your diet down to less than 7% of the total calories. Why, because saturated fat along with the trans fat are bad for you. This would mean that the bad fat should just be 14 grams or less in a diet that is for 2000 calories. These bad fats are more dangerous than sugar. The good fats (poly and monounsaturated fat) we can have in moderation.

Nuts are rich in monounsaturated fat and so they are good for snacking although don't eat too much of them because they have high calories. That said, these good fats are known to help prevent diabetes by making the cells more sensitive to insulin, reducing inflammation and aiding in the production of insulin. A quarter cup of nuts eaten with a small fruit or a bowl of pre-sliced vegetables are an excellent combo for a snack.

Use fat-free or low fat dairy as these have less saturated fat than whole milk. Using canola oil or olive oil is also wise because they are rich in monounsaturated fats. Trim the fat in turkey and chicken by getting rid of the skin. When buying ground turkey, make sure it says white meat or breast or light meat. This will surely help in our task to prevent diabetes_1.

Week 4- Watch your portion

Watch the portion serving as having more than what you need could lead to weight gain. And you know that being overweight increases one's risk to develop diabetes. The only way to avoid weight gain and thus prevent diabetes_1 is to control one's serving portion.

When we went to the Diabetes Clinic, the dietitian showed us how to practice portion control by dividing the plate into two parts. We were told to fill half of the plate with vegetables with hardly any sauce. The other half of the plate, was divided into two portions, one of which was allotted for meat or meat substitute like eggs and beans while the other part is devoted to grain like rice.


In the beginning we were told we may not feel full but if we waited for twenty minutes, the brain will eventually get the message that the meal made one full. You can also use measuring spoons and cups at the start. You may feel this as too much work but after awhile, you will get so used to the portions that you would not need to measure at all.
To diet or not to diet, that is the question. Almost all of us hate dieting, so why diet at this stage? We know it does not work. But really it is better not to call it a diet but just eating the healthy way. We eat right in order to help prevent diabetes_1.

Some advocate eating the right foods like having high protein/low carbohydrate. This kind of dieting makes for a quick weight loss in the first few weeks, which can provide some people the momentum they want to get them going with the change in their eating lifestyle and habits.

Another recommendation is having high carbohydrate/very low fat meals. This kind of dieting is able to direct to hale and hearty eating as long as the diet advocates lower glycemic index carbohydrates like fruits, beans, vegetables, and whole grains. It also advocates high fiber intakes and provides enough necessary fatty acids and fat- soluble vitamins from the fats that are consumed. There you have what to do to start the four-week plan to prevent diabetes_1.

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