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Prevent diabetes or manage it. Would preventing it be better than managing it? It would certainly be easier as you won't have to monitor the blood glucose level. This is a topic one cannot avoid because Type II (adult onset) diabetes is achieving outbreak percentages nowadays.

Some experts say it is the primary cause of death in the United States, but it depends upon whether it comprises of the people with diabetes who pass away associated with cardiovascular disease. But even so, nowadays, diabetics are expected to live longer and fuller life than before.

Unevenly millions of Americans by now have this condition and still in the future, loads of people will be diagnosed with this, as boomers age, and with obesity being rampant, the statistics will be on the rise. Since this condition is the cause of kidney breakdown, loss of sight and leg amputation, it follows therefore that to prevent diabetes from coming should be the goal of many.  

They say that type 2 diabetes, to most, is just a sugar ailment that once you get it, you have to live with it. Actually, you can prevent diabetes and even be in command of it. Prevention is the key for every sickness, right? Fortunately for us, someone came up with a four-week plan to do it.  

Preventing diabetes is easy as 1-2-3. Just follow the advice of your physician and the four-week plan below. The keys in preventing diabetes are diet and exercise. You have to keep your body fit through following these two keys. Prevent diabetes through this 4-week action plan (If we need more space, the link for the rest will be at the bottom of this post when it is ready):

Week 1 - Exercise

Even if you can’t imagine exercising 30 minutes or more in one sitting, split it up into three 10-minute mini-workouts. Ten minutes of activity here and there does add up to health benefits for your body. Anyway that you can increase your activity throughout your day will help your cause.


Tips to keep you exercising month after month

  • Wherever you choose to exercise (gym, park, or pool) it should be no more than 20 minutes away from your home or work. Why? Because the farther it is from home or work, the harder it is to get there and soon it will be an excuse not to exercise, oh, just for a day but really a day becomes two, then a week and pretty soon, you will stop exercising.
  • Start an exercise journal or incorporate the information into your food freedom journal. You will be able to see progress. You will also be able to trace back situations when the exercise helped lower your blood sugars. Have a plan B. Have some indoor options for exercise planned.
  • During the winter, it might be too cold to exercise outdoors, or it might get dark earlier and you are concerned about safety. Or perhaps you get stuck in traffic and don’t get home in time to make your exercise class. Your plan B could be riding your stationary bike or moving along while playing one of your exercise videos.
  • Plan variety into your exercise schedule. If you go to a dance class two times a week, you might want to add a walking workout a couple times a week
  • Make different types of activity part of your normal day. These may include walking the dog, walking to the mailbox, taking a flight of stairs, or walking during part of your lunch break.
  • Plan variety into your exercise schedule. If you go to a dance class two times a week, you might want to add a walking workout a couple times a week.
  • You can “check in” with a personal trainer every three months. They can give you specific things you can do, based on your personal experiences and preferences. A “check in” session will run you about $30 to $100 and you can call the American College of Sports Medicine for a list of personal trainers in your area.
  • To keep yourself from getting bored, don’t be afraid to try something new. You could sign up for a class with your local parks and recreation program or through a community college. You could try a session of country western dance class and then try yoga, water aerobics, tai chi, or tap the next session.
  • You’ve got to choose the exercise that you actually enjoy. Of course it is a matter of personal preference, but a large majority of people enjoy walking the most. It’s easy, free, and only requires a pair of comfortable shoes. Look around your home or work for lakes or parks that you can walk around after dinner, during the lunch hour, or on the weekends.

Week 2 - Watch your fiber

Fruits and vegetables, whole grains and other high-fiber foods can help prevent diabetes. You don't believe me? Well, just think these foods fill you up yet they have fewer calories. And on top of that they have loads of nutrients.

So think and imagine the goal you want to reach which should be similar to this. Eat three servings of whole grains, 2 and 1/2 cups of vegetables, 2 cups of fruits every day and voila! You will achieve your goal of 25 grams of fiber each day.

Read the nutrition label before you buy a food item. Make certain that the cereals and breads you buy have at least a per serving content of 3 grams of fiber. Buy whole grain items, that's a priority! The higher it is the better it will be in your fight to prevent diabetes.

Prevent diabetes? I found a website that has more than 50 ways to do so. To reduce serving portions, they have for #1 Less in your plate, Nate and #14 Eat a small meal, Lucille. For moving more, they have for #18 Dance it away, Faye. For food choices, they have for #28 Snack on a veggie, Reggie.

For nurturing the body and soul, they have for #45 You can exhale, Gail and lastly for being creative, they have for #51 Make up your own Simone. Isn't that cute? And more so it's because they have more than 50 ways to prevent diabetes. See it at

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