Pictures of Diabetes on Disease Management in Four Steps

Pictures of diabetes show the four steps in the management of the disease. Let's recap what they are. First is to learn as much as you can about the condition. Then for step two, know your ABCs. We've covered these two before. Now we're ready to tackle the last two steps.

The third step is to manage the diabetes, the nitty gritty, the essence of these four steps. A lot of people have prevented the complications of diabetes and led a long and productive life by taking good care of themselves. They keep abreast of all the information and try to reach their ABC goals. Then they manage their disease according to pictures of diabetes self-care. Here they are:

  • Follow the healthy meal plan with these guidelines in mind:
    • Limit lean meat, fish and poultry to three ounces.
    • Eat healthy foods in addition to the above like fruits and vegetables, beans, whole grains and low-fat cheese and milk.
    • Choose foods rich in fiber like whole grain bread, cereals, pasta or rice
    • Choose foods that contain less salt and fat.

  • Keep a healthy weight by eating less and moving more.
  • Exercise 30 to 60 minutes a day at least five days a week.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Deal with stress as this only increases the blood sugar level.
  • Request for help whenever you feel there is something you cannot handle.
  • Take medicines as ordered by the doctor. Ask him if you need to take a low-dose aspirin to prevent stroke or heart attack. Tell him about any side effects you're experiencing from the medication so he can help you make the necessary adjustment. Let him know also if you can't afford the medication.
  • Be on the lookout for any changes in your eyes and report them to your health care team as per suggestion of the pictures of diabetes.
  • Take care of your teeth by brushing and flossing every day.
  • Examine your feet every day for sores that do not heal and report them right away. These pictures of diabetes have to be addressed.
  • Test your blood glucose as often as you need it. Ask your health care team how you can use the results to manage the disease as the pictures of diabetes suggest.
  • Check the blood pressure.

Now let's go to the final step 4. Let us allow the pictures of diabetes tell us what to do. Step 4 is get a regular schedule of care. Twice a year is how often you should see your health care team. This is the minimum so that any problem can be addressed and treated so it is nipped in the bud. Review your self-care routine with them and ask how to reach your goals.

Here are the things that need to be checked and done once a year :

  • Have your weight checked.
  • Get your feet completely examined.
  • Have your blood pressure checked.
  • Review the way your self-care routine is going.
  • Get cholesterol and triglyceride tests.
  • Get the dentist to do a complete check-up of your teeth and gums. Make sure he knows you have diabetes.
  • Get urine and blood tested to see if there's any kidney problem.
  • Get a flu shot

The pictures of diabetes say to check the A1c test twice a year but more frequently if the result is more than 7. As for the pneumonia shot, get this only once although I've seen it suggested once every five years to ten years. There you have all four steps. Let's do a recap of them:

  • Step 1 - Know as much as you can as the pictures of diabetes suggest.
  • Step 2 - Reach the ABC targets.
  • Step 3 - Manage the disease by eating right and moving more.
  • Step 4 - Have a schedule of routine care.

Now all you have left is record all of the findings in charts that the pictures of diabetes show us. Write down the targets, dates and the findings. Bring them to your appointments with your health care team so the care plan can be adjusted. Congratulations for getting this far. You can do it.

A1C-2X/year; Goal=Below 7; Target=
Date ______
Result ______
Date ______
Result ______

Blood Pressure; Goal=Below 130/80; Target=
Date ______
Result ______
Date ______
Result ______

Cholesterol LDL=1X/year; Goal=Below 100; Target=
Date ______
Result ______
Date ______
Result ______

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