New Treatment for Diabetes

What is this new treatment for diabetes? Not too long ago, before those concerned understood the importance of blood glucose control, the sick just got terribly ill and die. Thank goodness those days are over. For now the plans are in place on how to beat diabetes.

The plan on the new treatment for diabetes have several things in common. And the plan apply to both types of diabetes. If these are followed conscientiously, chances are you’re on your way to better health. They all have something to do with the following headings:

  • Food - Be on a strict diet, but not really strict because there are plenty of choices out there. Watch for the types and amount of food you eat and the scheduling of the meals and snacks.
  • Exercise - This helps not only to get healthier and able to fight the disease but also helps to lose weight and enables the insulin to work more efficiently.
  • Medicine - Two things help in the new treatment for diabetes under this heading:
    • Insulin - This is so much more simple to use this now. There are easier ways to take injections that are pain-free. You can even carry the equipment with you wherever you go. Some will even fit in the pocket just like a pen does and it takes only a few seconds for each use. This is especially great for those who have type 1 diabetes because they have to have insulin daily or else they’re not going to live.
    • Pills - There are now pills available that will help the insulin work better. There will be a special section devoted to this.

  • Blood Sugar Testing - You can learn how to do this and it is easy to do. You can even do it anytime you want. This way, you will know if your new treatment for diabetes is working. Then adjustment can be made.

You see you can do the new treatment for diabetes yourself, well not the medicine part. With good education, this is not difficult especially with a lot of help out there. Your health care team is there to answer your question and it will be nice to spread the word around about your success so we can help motivate other people.

Here's something that has proven to help many a diabetic. It is a homeopathic remedy that temporarily corrects mineral imbalances in the blood and pancreas, improves energy levels and overall health by supporting pancreatic and liver functions, reduces cravings for sugary foods due to balanced blood sugar and maintains routine balance of cell salts in the body.

What are tissue salts? These work on the principle that health is the body’s natural state and that the body can heal itself by restoring an underlying imbalance. When these vital tissue salts are in the correct concentration, the body is healthy. One way to do this is to take Triple Complex Diabetonic Tissue Salts for Diabetes. Get More Information on Triple Complex Diabetonic Tissue Salts for Diabetes


A Local Doctor's Diabetes Book Helping Diabetics Around the Country and the World.

Here’s a doctor, a local diabetes specialist who is busy with a new revolutionary treatment strategy for patients with diabetes. In his book, "Take Charge of Your Diabetes", he describes this new treatment by saying that instead of just controlling the blood glucose, he focuses on treating the root cause which is insulin resistance.

Dr. Sarfraz Zaidi, MD implemented this new treatment strategy about ten years ago. He has been successful at this with his patients reaching their blood glucose target but also in preventing most complications and they do not end up with insulin shots. Those already on insulin shots stopped these with the new treatment strategy. Thousands of his patients have benefited from this new treatment approach.

Treating diabetes includes medications which treat insulin resistance at the three levels - the liver, muscle and fat thus reducing the burden of excessive insulin production by the pancreas. The pancreas will be relieved and start working efficiently again. Eating right is part of the treatment and so are exercise and managing the stress.

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The hardest part of this treatment for diabetes really is the scheduling part. It is not easy to learn to plan ahead when you are not used to doing this but you’re going to like it once you get used to it. As a matter of fact, with proper scheduling of meals, you will feel better, healthier and get more things done.

We know there is no magic cure for diabetes right now but it can be controlled. You do not have to suffer from the complications that could come without participating in this new treatment for diabetes. So, let’s do it, shall we? You’re doing well because you’re still here. Congratulations!

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