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Are You Diabetic? 6 Tips That Will Help Keep You Out of the Hospital

This is an excellent post for diabetics to read and take heed. True, diabetes could be a ticking time bomb if you want it to be but I am a proponent of positive thinking. We can picture ourselves in whatever we want to be and have and if we do it the right way, with power, intensity and burning desire, we will get it.

Hope For Type 2 Diabetes Patients With Diabetic Retinopathy

This is indeed good news for those suffering from retinopathy. The result of the ACCORD study showing improvement and reducing progression by a third help find ways to eradicate this threat for the diabetics. I also like the fact that people can go to the site to learn about financial assistance and those who qualify can get help.

Junk Food Diet Blamed as Diabetes Rates Soar

Scotland has joined the club of nations having problem with the rising statistics on diabetes. If junk food is the cause of all this trouble, can trying to stop diabetes on track be that difficult? If the companies that sell junk food are held accountable for this dilemma, I think they will become part of the solution rather than stay as the cause of the problem. In fact some of them have already offered some healthy choices like salad.

Diabetes on Rise, Could Hit 1 out of 3

This diabetes forecast is not a surprise and the only thing I like about it is that there are reasons why the rise is inevitable. For one thing the diabetics are living longer with good management system in place. Another reason why the prediction is bleak is that early diagnosis is done more now than in the past. There are recommendations in place put forth by endocrinologists but they are not any good if we do not act on them.

Nurse Robbie Busts 5 More Diabetes Myths

It is good to be reminded of these myths so they do not solidify in our brain and pose a threat to the way we manage diabetes. Checking one's blood sugar for instance from day to day will allow one to adjust the food intake, medications and exercise as these all impact the levels. At least one will be able to help the doctor and consult with him on what to do when there are some strange spikes on the glucose levels along with the food consumption, medicines and activities that may have caused them.

Study Shows Peer Support Benefits Diabetes Patients

This is great to have another tool in our arsenal to battle diabetes. We need all the help we can get and getting it from someone who is going through the same challenges seems more real and so may motivate one into managing one's diabetes. It is also good to feel joyful to be both a teacher and as a learner.

Diabetes Gene Linked to Degeneration of Enzyme Involved in Alzheimer’s Disease Onset and Progression

Oh, please tell me this isn't true. The diabetics have got enough on their plate already. But then I see a silver lining when I read to the bottom of the article. Knowing this beforehand could allow the manipulation of this issue to such extent this may lead to new treatments for diabetes.

Why the AT&T WellDoc Deal Matters

This could really lead to something good for offering a mobile phone that incorporates diabetes management will make it easier for all those concerned with diabetes care. Delivering this type of solution can improve the result and lessen the cost. Instead of the diabetic trying to outguess what's happening to the body, an expert might be on the line to help.

Irvine Scientist Works on Transplant to Help Diabetes Patients

Here is another step forward in the hope that we will find something that will truly help the diabetic patients. This could be it as this scientist is working on manipulating the stem cells so they can develop into islet cells. That will be the day when I can celebrate. This promises more as there's really not enough donors in this area, not to mention the rejection problem the transplant can cause.

Editorial: A Worthy State Goal: Beating Diabetes

This action is indeed a worthy endeavor and the author has proven the point in savings money-wise. But more importantly, the savings in reduced suffering cannot be quantified. Yes, everyone should step in to make sure what's on paper will become a reality.

Research and Markets: Forecast Insight: Antidiabetics - Diabetes Market Growth Driven by Epidemiological Trends and Rich Pipeline

It is not a surprise that the anti diabetic market's forecast is expected to grow to $34.8 billion in 2019. This condition has become a modern pandemic and so the demand will grow as well. I just hope that whatever they are peddling in the market will truly help the diabetics. I just hope also that finding the definitive cure will happen soon. Check and see this.

Mayo, University of Minnesota Join Race to Cure Diabetes

Do you know why I think T. Denny Sanford is a cool guy? Because he donated $400 million to find a cure for diabetes. Now I hope they make good use of that money and really discover a cure for diabetes. I am not worried though. With Mayo Clinic in the picture, things will advance, that's for sure.

More Diabetics Take Pills as Insulin Use Drops: Study

This is a bit of good news, isn't it? At least that's how I want to take it. It appears that the treatment is getting more hard line in variety for instead of the early treatment concentrating on lifestyle changes alone, this is done along with medical therapy. This may prove better at avoiding the complications which is what I fervently hope for my diabetic friends.

Region Part of Federal Pilot Program to Track Diabetes

It is a good thing that this region has recognized the severity of the diabetes problem. They are doing something about this in the region with doctors and nurses spearheading the effort. It is true that gathering info on every diabetic is the easy part but using the information to the ultimate good is another facet of the problem.

Different Ways to Treat Type 2 Diabetes

I thought there was something new in the treatment of type 2 diabetes so I went to this post with an eager heart. Regardless, the post is an excellent reminder on what to do to lower the risk. And I think the bit of news on magnesium is relatively new. it is also good for the readers to know that Avandia has been banned in Europe.

Vitamin K Lowers Diabetes Risk, Decade-Long Study Shows
Although there is a need for more research to confirm the findings that Vitamin K reduces the risk to develop diabetes, still it does not do any harm to eat foods rich in this nutrient like the green leafy vegetables and vegetable oils such as soybean and canola oils.

How People With Type 2 Diabetes Can Lose Weight, Keep It Off: Study

Here comes another proof that lifestyle changes work in losing weight and keeping it off. This time though the study that generated this kind of result made it an intensive lifestyle intervention. I wish they would make this in a step-by-step procedure available to the public so we can do the intervention in the comfort of our home without having to buy another weight loss book.

Knowledge Alone Not Enough to Curb Childhood Obesity

I am glad to know Ohio is doing something to save our future generation. This is such a sad story, I hate to spread it, but report it I must so that this type of news would wake people up to the reality of what is out there available for our kids to eat healthy foods.

A Natural Approach to Diabetes

There is a lot of information on this article that may help people go the natural way. Clearly, there are some bad eating habits that have to change. Breaking these habits will take time and planning. Setting a date and making a commitment will help. So will being consistent and finding a support system.

Smokers Show Elevated Diabetes Risk

This is an excellent post that should motivate the smokers to quit this habit. This is dangerous to both health and wallet, not to mention the danger it poses to others with the third hand smoke. The post has shown the efficacy of the hypothesis with statistics that should not be ignored. It must be a theory now for I have read countless of materials saying so.

Why Getting Rid of Belly Fat May Lower Type 2 Diabetes Risk
That swaddling of the organs due to the belly fat can play a role in regulating the blood glucose. Of course this could block the insulin action. The good news though is that it does not take much weight loss to help solve the problem.

Kids and Diabetes Risk: Do Chromosomes Hold New Clues?

This finding and continuing work on the link between the chromosomes and diabetes risk will certainly be held as a step in the right direction. This might explain why people who eat less gain weight while some voracious eaters stay slim. Why, some even have reported they gain weight just by smelling the food. So chromosomes may hold the key to why some are predisposed to develop diabetes.

Blood Test to Predict Diabetes 10 Years Earlier

This is great news for imagine knowing ten years earlier that you could develop diabetes. The complications could be wiped out then for applying the strategies to fight them could be started early enough to practically rule out the dreaded complications.

The test that could do this is called the MiR test and could cost approximately £2. This they say is also good for those who already have diabetes for the test will distinguish those who could develop the complications. My only question is, when will this be available world wide?

DISD Introduces Nutrition Program

This iMove, iEat, iLive program will go a long way in helping the kids develop healthy eating habits. Learning healthy food choices will help stem the tide of the rising statistics on diabetes.

If You Don't Do This - You Have a Higher Risk for Diabetes. With eating healthy and moving more found to be associated with good health, it is clear what you must do to take Diabetes to task and get it before it gets you.

Learning to Live With Diabetes
This is somewhat of a good news since those who keep their diabetes under control may not develop the complications as proven by some statistics like retinopathy starting only in 1/4 as many people. Another good news is that among those who developed early signs of the complications, far fewer got worse.

The Diabetes Tsunami - Why Aren't We Panicking?

I agree with the author that we are too complacent on the diabetes risk issue. And the need is there as real as for cancer and other diseases. Yet we seem not to be bothered at all by that. What is sad about this is that all those complications could be prevented. That is why I am so upset that we are not doing enough to reverse the trend.

Fighting Off the Flu Virus
This is a very timely post now that the flu season is upon us. All diabetics should take the recommendations to heart as they will help keep the flu off the radar but what I like especially are the signs to watch for to alert them into visiting their doctor.

Big Babies, Diabetes, and Childhood Obesity

Those are good recommendations to avoid gestational diabetes. Watching nutritious food intake and exercise before, after and during pregnancy is crucial. But this advice does not only hold true for the pregnant women but it is also good for the whole family.

Diagnosis Diabetes

After going through all those emotions when first diagnosed with diabetes, then what? Do what Pam Anderson did when she realized it is her problem and had to take the responsibility for it. She didn't want to ignore it as she will just get hurt in due time. But remember no one is alone in dealing with this. There are websites that can help like this one and a host of resources to see you through.

Short Sleepers Supposedly Have an Augmented Risk of Type 2

Diabetes and lack of sleep are linked with inadequate sleep raising the risk to develop diabetes. Both my husband and I are writing a series of articles on this very issue. Part 1 has been published at ezine.com. The other parts are ready to be submitted as soon as we get the time to do it.

Fish Oil Helps Heart Patients Who Also Have Diabetes

Yes, fish oils are good and eating fish is excellent for all kinds of reason, not just for diabetes. The trouble now is, could we eat the fish in Florida's Gulf of Mexico? With that oil spill, it could just be guess work, that is, whether the seafood is contaminated or not.

Dr. Bill Elliott: Go Green to Stave off Diabetes, too
This article is another proof that eating green vegetables will help prevent diabetes. Dr. Bill Elliott even listed the vegetables that will do the trick and he is right to say that it's better to have a salad than taking an antioxidant pill. Of course, a change in lifestyle including exercise is a commitment one has to follow.

Millions Die Due to Withheld Medical Treatment

I am glad this is out in the open as we know that lifestyle change is the best medicine but there's not enough money for the providers for that. At least the new Health Care Reform has addressed some of those issues but not enough to dim the light on the Tuskegee Experiment. That just makes my blood boil.

Surgery Cost-Effective in Very Obese With Diabetes

Bariatric surgery found to be cost effective is something I understand as true. For one thing the quality in life brought about by the surgery is priceless. It is something one cannot put a monetary value on. And reducing the risk for diabetes complications is icing on the cake.

Obesity, Diabetes Epidemics Continue to Grow in California, UCLA Study Finds

This UCLA Study on Obesity and Diabetes is a call to action. Clearly a lot more things have to be done to stem the tide of the rate increase in both obesity and diabetes. I think this issue is a growing epidemic not only in California but also all over the world.

A Lot of Choice in Diabetes Medications
Thank you for this list of medicine available to treat type 2 diabetes with the advantages and disadvantages of using each group. The diabetics can check out what they're taking and be more aware of what they do for them especially on this day, the 90th year since Dr. Banting discovered insulin.

Visitors from over 500 countries went to his home and left notes thanking him for this gift of life without which, diabetes would have been a death sentence. Dr. Banting though would have been disappointed not to have cure for diabetes.

Perhaps we should have someone outside the medical field to discover this cure because historically speaking breakthrough sometimes comes from outside the system. For examples, Pasteur was not a medical doctor and the Wright brothers were not aeronautical engineers, just bicycle mechanics. Einstein was a mathematician but his findings in his field turned the theories in physics upside down. Then there's Madame Curie who contributed much to medicine yet she was not an M.D.

Peer Support May Help Control Diabetes
This makes sense for having to share one's experiences with someone who is on the same road will be quite a relief. Just to know that someone is experiencing the same challenges will somehow lighten the load. With a buddy system in place, the horse power to manage diabetes is increased not double but triple so it should be encouraged all along.

CORRECTING and REPLACING GI Dynamics Receives European CE Mark Approval for 12 Months of EndoBarrier™ Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity; Announces U.K. Launch
Here comes GI Dynamics that can help treat type 2 diabetes and obesity in an effective non surgical way. It has just received approval from European CE Mark that hopefully will find its way to North America. Doctors think that blocking food from contact with intestinal wall may change the way the hormonal signals are activated with the result like those seen in gastric bypass process but without having to go through surgery. This is great news indeed.

New Findings About What Metformin Really Does
This is quite a revelation and I wonder if there is more update on this as the effect of metformin on weight and such was reported over a year ago. Still, it is important for people who are taking this medication to monitor their body's reaction to this drug. It is only after we get comprehensive data on this can we move forward on the action we need to take.


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