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Here are some snippets of diabetes medical news just to keep you current. Click the link before the news provider decides to delete it. From this latest link, you can click the title which will take you to the original paper.


Diabetes Treatment Has Come a Long Way

Indeed, the diabetes treatment has come a long way from no treatment at all to life-saving insulin to continuous glucose monitoring system. And there are many more researches in different stages of development. So no one needs to be a diabetes time bomb. With all the information we have, alerts and so on, we cannot fail. We have also covered this topic in our website at History of Diabetes Treatment

Preventing Complications of Type 2 Diabetes

Preventing complications in diabetes is my favorite topic. And the author did well to list down the possible complications and the ways one can prevent them. I know most diabetics already know the complications that can come along, but it is wise to give gentle reminders so the info can keep fresh in the mind.

Eating Eggs, Breastfeeding Affect Risk of Diabetes Mellitus (Type 2)

It's good to know that eating a limited number of eggs per week does not increase the risk to develop type 2 diabetes. But here's a significant finding that I find of importance too as suggested in the title of this article. And that's breastfeeding lowers the risk!

Grapefruit Helps in Treating Diabetes

Wow, this is great news especially I live in Florida during the winter and eat a lot of grapefruits. They are good for my digestive system and now they can treat diabetes too? This has been proven by a study conducted by the Massachusetts General Hospital, a personal favorite of mine among all the hospitals in the world so it must be credible.

Addressing Diabetes with Nutritional Ingredients

Addressing the cure of diabetes using natural ingredients is something I am partial to especially because my experience regarding the use of bitter melon is top of the line. I know people personally who have diabetes and taking bitter melon tablets for decades are fine and healthy.

Scalpel May be the New Diabetes Treatment

For awhile, I thought there was something new on the use of the scalpel to treat diabetes. But really with the success of bariatric surgery in reversing diabetes that I have been reading about, I agree with the author that it is an option so as to get rid of having to take medication especially for some, the procedure could be covered under the Health Care Reform.

Viewpoint: Health Care Reforms are Happening Right Now

Health Care Reform activities are going on in local communities, thanks to those who are making this happen. Being able to access health care can only spell better health for all people. And that will only make it cost-effective for the government. It is a win-win situation all around.

How to Find a 'Best' Hospital for Diabetes

Ah, there go my three most favorite hospitals in the world! They are at it again topping the list for diabetes care. I have been to all of them because I just couldn't resist visiting them. It's just too bad not all diabetics live around that area. But check out the complete list and you will find one that is closest to you.

Two Important Steps in Preventing Diabetes

I went to this site hoping that there is a new way to prevent diabetes but we still have the same two things and they are to maintain a healthy weight and to be physically active. I thought the first one was on eating healthy but I suppose this is directly related to maintaining a healthy weight.

How the Elderly Should Manage Diabetes

Those are all good suggestions not just for the elderly but for everyone who has diabetes or at risk to develop it. The diet also is not even just for this group only but also it is good for all members of the family in order to stay healthy.

AGH Doctor Tests Brain Surgery To Treat Diabetes

I hope this new finding on the pressure from the blood vessels on the nerve from the brain stem could be a factor to the development of diabetes is not just too good to be true. When the neurosurgeon removed the pressure on the nerve, seven out of ten patients showed improvement in their blood glucose. So I say the study should be expanded to involve more subjects. Who knows, this could lead to better operations and medications.

MIT Diabetes Device Monitors Glucose With Light

Oh, I hope MIT will be successful in developing a product such as this for this is just what I am ordering for every diabetic. Imagine doing away with finger pricks when monitoring the blood glucose by simply shining a light on the skin! This is certainly what I have been hoping for. So now I am praying that this will be a success!

The You Docs: the Diet-Soda Dilemma

I love these pros and cons of diet sodas for this information will help me weigh my propensity to enjoy drinking them against what havoc they will wreck in my body. Too bad for that is another enjoyment I have to give up although when you come to think of it, this may be what the doctor ordered which in this case is so true.

Target Diabetes to Lower Rates of Dementia

This new study on targeting diabetes to lower dementia rates will certainly help. But with 4.9% reduction rate for diabetes and higher reduction rates for the other risks, let us not stop at just targeting diabetes. We might as well consider targeting the measure of intellectual exposure, depression and increased fruit and vegetable intake as all three have higher reduction rate for dementia than diabetes.

Know When to Check for Diabetes

The advice given on when to check the blood sugar level before the diagnosis is right on but the one on advising to do it in the morning is not enough as there are factors to be considered. We wrote three articles on this issue: The first two were published by ezine articles while the third of the series was published by go articles.

Future of mHealth: Texts to Keep Diabetes in Check

Diabetes monitoring has found a friend in texting. With non-compliance rate among adolescent as high as four times more than that of the adults, they had to figure out a way to reach the kids better and they found that texting has helped the adherence problem solved with more compliance. I am glad they are now working on an iPhone application which will let the endocrinologist send personal messages to more patients.

Drew Carey Dishes On Weight Loss

I have news for Drew Carey; I don't think he is no longer diabetic just because he lost 80 pounds. I think he should keep on taking good care of himself as it is still there and could bloom again in the blink of an eye. He should be congratulated though for working hard to lose 80 pounds.

WebMD, Sanford Join Forces for Kids' Health

This is great news and the first time a health care system has partnered with WebMD. They will have three websites that will address the issues of healthy lifestyle for children along with help for parents and health professionals. It will not start until February though, that's the thing, but I will keep an eye for it for you.

One Molecule, Many More Insulin-Producing Cells to Treat Diabetes, says Pitt Team

Great. This is another step in the right direction so we can move on when it comes to finding a cure for diabetes. Even though, the best researchers at the University of Pittsburgh can do is only to encourage the beta cells replication to produce insulin for four weeks, I will take it. I am gald to hear they will continue to explore this issue.

Mannkind Tries Again With Inhaled Insulin

So I wonder what happened between the time FDA rejected the inhaled insulin and when it accepted the revised application for the use of Afrezza. I for one can't wait till this issue is settled because Afrezza, the inhaled insulin, may become such a big help for the diabetics.

Medicare and Diabetes Prevention

It is good to know the government realizes that prevention costs less than treatment so preventive measures are included or covered by Medicare. People have to familiarize themselves with the details though on the coverage including frequency as for certain items there are risks you have to have in order to be covered.

For our Future, Diabetes Initiative Must be Reauthorized

Thank you for letting us know that the Special Diabetes Program is expiring and that it has to be authorized again. Because you informed us of this, we will be able to spread the news. I am going to tweet about this and post about it on Facebook. We then hope the Congress is listening.

New Links Connecting Diabetes and Fast Food

This is an excellent article every diabetic should read. Fast foods have been pointed as the culprit for unhealthy eating that could lead to diabetes, et al but it is the consumers duty to demand better menu and while the fast foods are trying to make some changes to meet the demand which in a sense they have because of the salads they now offer in their menu, the diabetics meanwhile will have to take control of their own lifestyle changes.

Health Reform Includes Free Preventive Care

This is good news that after so many years, the New Health Plans will cover preventive measures starting on September 23 or later without deductible, coinsurance and copayment. I don't like that sound of "or later" though because some may be dragging their feet to comply with the new regulations.

Check out what this diabetes warrior did to lower the blood sugar naturally.

3 Diabetes Breakthroughs

Diabetes breakthroughs, that's what we need. That first one that's taken like aspirin which was found out, in a study conducted by the University of California, to remove the pain in the diabetics' joints is something all diabetics will be delighted to have access to.

The second one which is an inhaled powder that could eliminate insulin injections is still waiting for FDA approval. And the third one called Abatacept that is supposed to keep the immune system from destroying the cells that are still producing insulin have just been tested in animals so we are waiting for the human clinical trials to start soon. We are glad that we are progressing in the right direction with these three diabetes breakthroughs even though they are at three different levels of progress.

New Diagnostic Tool Identified High Prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes in Vietnamese Population

It is nice to know we are moving along in our quest for anything that will help the diabetics. I think this new tool called Nomogram will help doctors find those at risk to develop the condition and perhaps draw some strategies that will prevent diabetes from finally coming to visit.

Diabetes Scheme Views Poles Apart

It is not easy which side to choose on this issue. One part of me feels it is right to have all the diabetics be given the same optimal care. Yet 400 doctors out of 20,000 say it is kind of intrusive as the diabetics will have a limited choice. So which one is right remains to be seen although I can't help but think that if we discard "what's in it for me" reason, then we may be able to move forward in our desire to help the diabetics.

Team Discovers Sweet Way to Detect Prediabetes

This is great news for the diabetics but probably more so for their pre-diabetic cousins. John Hopkins' discovery of the dramatic increase of an enzyme protein could lead to a test that will make it easier to detect the presence of diabetes before the symptoms and complications come visiting.

Which Comes First, Inactivity or Childhood Obesity?

I am on the side that focuses more on nutrition for obvious reason. As the article indicated, shyness or embarrassment or both may discourage a child from participating in activities. I like one clinician's intake on this and that is appreciate the work of the researchers, learn lessons from them and modify one's practice if needed.

Health News: Diabetes Pill to Replace Insulin Jabs

I am hoping and praying this new drug that could end the daily injections the diabetics have to suffer will pass the clinical trial. I am optimistic it will because it has already been proven in animal studies that this new drug is able to get the pancreatic cells to get moving and do its job of producing insulin.

Check this out if you want to know what they say is the most effective diabetes reversing resource currently available on a scientifically proven program that normalizes the blood sugar and eliminates diabetes drugs and insulin shots.

DiabetesPlus 1.0 – Diabetes Management on the iPhone and iPod touch

This is great news but it is really not new, is it? Except perhaps the download in a PDF file which is the first time I have heard of. Some readings even go directly to the doctor's office. This may be covered in the much more portion of this article. I wonder too if this is affordable.

Pharmacists Uniquely Qualified to Counsel Diabetes Patients

That is right, the pharmacists have a unique role in the fight against diabetes. They are right at the door and available to answer the questions diabetics have that otherwise will just remain in the background. The answers to their queries could be the ones that will help the diabetics with the management of their condition.

Artificial Pancreas May Soon Be An Option For Diabetes Patients

This is indeed good news although we have heard of it before. We know that the so-called artificial pancreas comes in the form of a continuous monitoring device connected to the insulin pump that supplies insulin whenever there is a need for it as indicated by the continuous monitoring device. I wish every diabetic who wants to go on this will be able to do so at no great expense.

Inhaled Insulin Plus Glargine May be Alternative to Standard Therapy

After one year of trials and studies, the experts say that once a day of glargine insulin plus inhaled insulin has the same HBA1 results as those who are on the standard insulin therapy. This news item makes me want to rejoice but then at the end they said to proceed with caution. So I hope they will continue on with this research until we get definitive results.

Ingredient in Red Wine May Prevent Some Blinding Diseases

I have known about resveratrol as being helpful for the diabetics but this is the first time an article has dealt on this issue primarily involving the vision problem. I suppose the new research that found resveratrol effective in preventing new abnormal blood vessels from developing as well as getting rid of those that have already developed will trigger the excitement over this matter. I hope the researchers will continue working on this research topic for the sake of all the diabetics out there.

You may want to check this out: Proven Program That Normalizes Your Blood Sugar And Eliminates Your Diabetes Drugs And Insulin Shots!

Diabetes and Depression Ail Utahns

It is sad to hear that the diabetics in Utah cost the most money from the insurance companies yet they only form a fraction of the population. This fact makes it imperative that we emphasize prevention. I think with the prevention strategy in place, the cost will be so much less than if we treat the people after they have been diagnosed.

Salmonella Outbreak at Subway Restaurants

There are two important alerts here. One is on the salmonella poisoning at Subway Restaurants in Illinois and the other one is about the heat of summer the diabetics may not know affects them more than the others. It is important to remember that heat may affect the effectiveness of the medication and that it may predispose the diabetics to illnesses that are heat-related.

Lose Weight to Prevent Diabetes

I agree that losing weight is the first line of attack in diabetes prevention. And if the diabetes is already diagnosed, it is never too late to stay within the healthy weight target to prevent the complications. This is not just good for the diabetics but for the rest of the family as well.


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