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Predicting Kids' Diabetes

I am glad the researchers are working on studies to be able to predict type 2 diabetes risk for kids. For once they find this out, we can be more specific on the prevention. There is no evidence of the exact measurements yet but at least we are trying to move forward.

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Why Anger Plays A Critical Role In Diabetes Self-Care

Just do what they have to do to manage their condition and you will wholeheartedly agree. I also like what the author said that anger about the condition is not necessarily a bad thing for a healthy anger could propel one into doing something for the condition.

Key Blood Sugar Test Seems to Differ By Race

The results of all these investigations on the A1C test readings affecting race will enable us to move forward. As Ziemer said there are mechanisms to tell us why this is so but they have not been proven yet. So I guess the next step is to find out those mechanisms especially the small difference may give an indication of higher risk for complications.

Loss of Will Koch Felt Around the Region

Will Koch, now that's my kind of man. It is no wonder the whole region feels such a loss with his passing. That will be the perfect kind of life - to leave this world better than when he found it. It is something I am working on but oh, it is so difficult. I will persist though.

Low-Dose Aspirin May Not Benefit Younger Diabetes Patients

The changes are sometimes confusing but this article made it clearer. It will give the readers the starting point to open a discussion with their physicians so they both can determine the best route to take as to baby doses of aspirin while considering the latest guidelines from the American Diabetes Association and the doctors' associations as well.

You Drank What? Calories Lurk in Popular Beverages

Wow! I didn't know there was such a thing as top 20 list of worst beverages in America. The article is excellently done but I wish the author included the list of the top 20. But anyway it's good enough for now to know which one is worst of them all. Imagine to have over 2000 calories in one drink. That's how many calories a day that I need in order not to gain weight.

Five Steps to Prevent Diabetes Naturally

This is a great article that will help not only those who have diabetes but also the ones who are trying to prevent its onset. On top of these benefits, there is also the feeling of well-being and in addition one will look the very best that one can be. What more can one ask?

Why does not everybody comply with this healthy lifestyle then? Busy? I'm telling you, busy will become over a hundred fold if diabetes comes to visit and stays forever as an unwelcome guest.

U.S. Woman Striving to be World's Heaviest

I am worried about Donna who wants to be the heaviest woman in the world. What good is that title if she dies in the process? I hope some health authorities will go to talk her out of this. This is my humble opinion and she is entitled to it.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, read the Original Diabetes Reversal Report Written And Researched By An Ex-diabetic.

Forest Laboratories Pays TransTech Pharma $50M Up Front in Diabetes Deal

Wow, imagine paying $50 million for the treatment of diabetes. And do you know what it is for? For the blood sugar lowering agents that Trans Tech Pharma is working on, that's what. Forest Laboratories must have some kind of inside information to fork out that much money. I can only hope Trans Tech Pharma succeeds not for the sake of Forest Laboratories so they can recoup their substantial investment but for the sake of all the diabetics whose life will become more manageable.

Engineers Develop Tattoo for Diabetes Monitoring

My, we really have come a long way, haven't we? Imagine being able to access the real time reading of the glucose level through a tattoo. I couldn't believe it when I first read it. But there you are; it's official. And none other than a prestigious learning institution is doing it - the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Eye Tests Critical with Diabetes

Learning lessons is a life-long process and I am glad this author is so open-minded to realize that since being diagnosed with diabetes changing the eye care habits is a must in order to avoid diabetic retinopathy. A full eye exam is now a part of the regular annual health check-up, I am glad to hear.

Meat Preservatives, Not Meats Themselves, May Increase the Risk for Diabetes

It makes sense that processed meats can do more harm than the unprocessed ones because of containing more sodium of as much as four times and 50% more of nitrate preservatives than the meats that have not been processed. Now we have this study that finds more risk to develop heart problems as well as type 2 diabetes for the processed meat eaters.

Crisis and Opportunity for Diabetes Patients

Indeed, what a dilemma this is. I can't really fully blame Novo Nordisk for this as who wants to operate at a loss? Perhaps if Greece negotiates a better deal, Novo Nordisk may reconsider their decision. But at least the new manufacturing technique offers a new solution. But how long will it take them to market this cheaper way to produce insulin? This makes me nostalgic for old times when Dr. Banting of Canada who discovered insulin just gave it away for free.

Man Pleads Not Guilty in Diabetes Car Crash Death

Be careful out there. It does not seem fair that Campos is charged with manslaughter in the car crash death. They claim that he did not control his blood sugar level. Now let's put this in the right perspective. There are times when you do everything right and still the blood sugar misbehaves.

So you be the judge as to whether he caused the death or not because I am not very subjective when it comes to people blaming the diabetics. For me the diabetics can't do anything wrong for they already have a hard time controlling their condition.

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Are Your Weight Issues Tied to Insulin Resistance?

An unhealthy lifestyle is associated with insulin resistance so weight is really tied to it. But it does not have to be this way. Adopting a healthy lifestyle of eating healthy getting enough exercise and sleep will all work together at making the insulin resistance go away.

Low-Dose Aspirin Guidelines Changing for Younger Diabetics

I am glad I came across the new guidelines on the use of low-dose aspirin for the younger diabetics. But if the side effects are like the stomach bleeding then I have an answer to that. I have been taking low dose aspirin but using the enterocoated ones so I do not have problems about stomach bleeding and upset.

Helps Reduce The Risk For Type 2 Diabetes

A structured program to lose weight as in Weight Watchers helps but the $40 fee per person per month may not be within one's budget. This does not have to be the case. One can still lose weight without paying a monthly fee. Anyone who is determined and disciplined can do it.

Here's something that can help you lose weight: Fat Burning Furnace to Lose Weight

Promising Proteins for Diabetes Prevention

This shows that the research for the prevention of diabetes is progressing although slowly. Finding ways to block the development of diabetes and being successful at it will hopefully give the same result in humans. If the DHS approach is more promising then so be it. This will guide the new researchers on what to focus on for a speedier discovery to help the diabetics.

New Short Needle Removes Fear of Diabetes Injections

Needle anxiety, be gone! There are now short mm needles compared to the 12 mm ones. Not only will this lessen Belonephobia (needle phobia) but also the short needle increases the likelihood the insulin will be injected into the subcutaneous tissue.

Foot Woes Can Nag Diabetes Patients

This is an excellent article for the diabetics to read and heed the suggestions. While exercise has lots of benefits, there are precautions to be aware of. One of them is if one has vision complication that could be exacerbated by the wrong kind of exercise.

Post-Traumatic Stress May Increase Type 2 Diabetes Risk

I can relate to this as post traumatic stress can really cause some kind of crisis and this stress is sometimes more than anyone can bear. I hope the defense department is aware of this danger to the soldiers, their risk to develop diabetes that is, and get something going as to how to help those who are afflicted by it.

Processed Meat Linked to Higher Heart Disease, Diabetes Risk

Researchers found that those who eat processed red meat one serving a day had a higher risk (42%) to develop heart disease and 19% for diabetes. By processed meat, they meant hotdog, deli meats and bacon. While the results are not definitive, it is still better to stick to fruits, vegetables, fish and whole grains because we know them to protect us from harm.

Viral Infection Could Be Marker for Type 1 Diabetes

This finding could be the start of something good. Since enterovirus infection is found in 83% of diabetic children compared to just 7% among the healthy ones then this could lead to studies to find how to get rid of those infections that cause colds, cold sores, rashes and viral meningitis.

Dr. Mike: Diabetes, Probiotics, Flyers

Watch this alert for a popular diabetes drug has been found to reduce the absorption of vitamin B12. Dr. Mike suggests that you contact your doctor and have a B12 level test. I like also what he added that probiotics in yogurt can help boost the immune system. I eat this although my colds have disappeared into thin air ever since I stopped teaching.

New Test of Environmental Factors May Help with Type II Diabetes

This is interesting in the sense that instead of looking for genetic markers, the researchers are looking at environmental factors that could increase the risk to develop diabetes. They have to replicate their findings though before letting the public know what bottles to throw and foods to avoid.

The researchers found a chemical in something that was already banned in the 1980's so hopefully, we are safe from that. At least we can do something about the environmental risks but we cannot do anything about the genetic factors.

Health Literacy and Safety Risks

This is indeed a wake-up call for all clinicians to make sure questions are asked of patients regarding hypoglycemia episodes. The report on an observational study, the largest of its kind, shows the that those with limited health literacy (as high as 50% have difficulty understanding health materials and issues) are in danger of suffering from hypoglycemia.

Children's Project Uses Social Network to Map Diabetes

This project where people can join and post their A1C readings will help engage the consumers and uses the power of technologies around the social networking sites. The hope is to build an information sharing system and learn more about the experiences of others. This will only benefit the diabetics in more ways than one.

Health Buzz: Processed Meats May Raise Heart, Diabetes Risk

Hmm, someday there may not be anything left to eat. I am glad though I am not a fan of hotdogs, sausage and bacon so I do not have a problem there. But beef, I don't eat either because I am scared of mad cow disease. So that leaves just pork and chicken but now they're saying the dirtiest animals in the planet are pigs and chickens. Enough about me, just be careful out there, okay?

Junk Food Ups Diabetes in Kids

More than 100 diabetes experts can't be wrong to ban ads that promote junk foods for the children. It is about time that something like this should be done and I am glad the Scottish government has stepped up the plate to stop diabetes on its track.

L-Carnitine Helps Type 2 Diabetes

While it is true that this is just a small study, but every little thing helps. Who knows what will come out of this? The next study will expand on this which then can lead to a more widespread benefit for the diabetics. What I am dying to know is what are the ingredients in this l-carnitine supplements.

White House Task Force Issues Report on Fighting Childhood Obesity

I think the task force work to reduce the childhood obesity will truly work if all those concerned will focus on those 70 recommendations. Increasing access to healthy foods for instance will do wonder. Specifically though, along this line, make sure the parents read the label on orange juice because a lot of them have plenty of sugar.

The Unhealthiest Juices in America !

Wow, this is the best post on healthy juices and which ones to avoid. Thank you for this because I am drinking one of the unhealthiest ones. People have to heed this type of alert especially the parents when giving their children some juice to drink thinking it's a healthy food. This may be the reason why we have so many diabetic children now.

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