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Dental Treatment Might Lower Glucose Levels in Type 2 Diabetes

It is wise to spread this news virally in order to increase the awareness of the link that exists between periodontal disease and diabetes. It has been found out that treatment for the former could lower the blood glucose level. So anyone having difficulty in controlling their blood glucose should get a dental check-up.

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Could This Jab Really Halt Diabetes in Just Six Days

This may be what we have been waiting for. If it is true that this jab could halt diabetes in six days, then we will take it. Who cares if after two years, we need another treatment? It will still be worth it because of what this can do to improve the quality of life of the diabetics.

Mayo Edge: Vitamin E Supplements not Recommended for those with Diabetes

It is good to know additional Vitamin E is not recommended for diabetic patients. What is needed is a heart-healthy diet. This recommendation is based on the evidence gathered from clinical trials. In fact some clinical trials have reported increased risk to develop cardiovascular problems.

Physician Survey Reveals That Early Team Approach Is Best Medicine

The diabetics should not suffer needlessly and the way to do it is through team approach. And needless to say, this should be done early in the game. The importance of the whole team cannot be denied and adherence to the treatment plan has to be followed in order to prevent the dreaded complications. Check this out: The Most Effective Diabetes-Reversing Resource Currently Available On Planet Earth. A Scientifically Proven Program That Normalizes Your Blood Sugar And Eliminates Your Diabetes Drugs And Insulin Shots! Guaranteed!

Making Diabetes Less Painful to Deal With

Diabetes management requires vigilance and faithful observance to monitoring and treatment routines and non compliance increases the risk to develop complications but at times it hurts to prick one's fingers and so the diabetics grow weary of daily injections. Thank goodness there's Echo Therapeutics that developed a wireless, transdermal glucose monitoring system for the diabetics.

Or Sense also developed a noninvasive continuous glucose monitor device for the diabetics. Bayer Diabetes Care also released its Didget blood glucose monitor which is connected to the Nintendo DS and DS Lite to encourage compliance in diabetic children because they get rewards for consistent testing. All these will hopefully encourage compliance to the diabetes self care regimen.

Elaine Stritch on '30 Rock,' Funny Women, and Diabetes

Elaine Stritch on '30 Rock,' Funny Women, and Diabetes http://www.tvsquad.com/2010/05/06/elaine-stritch-on-30-rock-funny-women-and-diabetes/ Elaine Stritch is a favorite actress of mine because she makes me laugh. I didn't know she had diabetes but it looks like she's doing fine. So now, she's an all-time favorite! But she has some words of advice to all of us: "Stop eating all that food and order for a sauteed spinach once in a while.

Reversing Type II Diabetes

I love this article because it encourages us to be proactive about our health. There's a new 12-week exercise plan and food plan complete with meal cards to make it easier to stick to the plan. They have online support and comes with a 30-day guarantee. Check it out at http://www.beachbody.com/product/fitness_programs/kathy_smiths_project_you.do or you can try this out: The Diet Solution Program.

Bret Michaels' Doctor: Diabetes, Appendectomy Played No Role In Brain Hemorrhage

Thank goodness Bret Michael's doctor said his diabetes had nothing to do with his brain hemorrhage or that will be another worry for me for my diabetic friends. I consider all diabetics who come to my website my friends. Well. even those who do not come are friends I have not met yet and I have no interaction with them so I do not feel the same responsibility to them as I do over those who come to visit. This diabetic warrior says, "Lower your blood sugar naturally-cure insulin resistance-eliminate diabetes drugs and Insulin shots-lose body fat-gain lean muscle-eat delicious diabetes foods-restore your energy and live a normal life again..."

Health Watch: Prevent a Stroke in 5 Simple Steps

These five steps are all old news but it is good to have them in center stage again as the diabetics have a high risk to have a stroke. Step 3 did not have much to it but the important things are there for the steps are indeed simple: eat healthy, be active, maintain a healthy weight and don't smoke. Diabetes Control Secrets

This article is a good overview of diabetes and what to do about it. It is really no secret that the diabetics have to take responsibility for their care. That is why this is a good reminder for folks to take to heart so they will remain healthy the way others have done.

You may want to check this out: This diabetic warrior says, "Lower your blood sugar naturally-cure insulin resistance-eliminate diabetes drugs and Insulin shots-lose body fat-gain lean muscle-eat delicious diabetes foods-restore your energy and live a normal life again..."

Four Habits That Could Shave 12 Years Off Your Life

That's right; those four health habits can spell the difference between dying young and living a long healthy life. It is not even living long that matters to me. What is more important is living a healthy and productive life. So eat healthy, exercise, quit drinking and smoking. Quit smoking in seven days? Let's see if this works.

Ten Things I Like About Diabetes

Wow! Talk about Positive Approach to Diabetes! This is the best I have seen on this issue. And yet it is not sugar-coated because it mentions the difficulties of finding a cure. When the cure does come, let us all get in line like this author, shall we? In the spirit of positive approach, here's The Original Diabetes Reversal Report - *new Report* Written And Researched By An Ex-diabetic

Elliott Yamin on 'Idol' and Diabetes

Let us all support Crystal in her quest to be the American Idol. She has diabetes just like Elliott Yamin, one year's American Idol's third place finisher. Crystal said and I quote, "Oh so many ideas about starting an organization to give diabetes diagnostic tools to people and places that don't have them! People die before they ever know why!" Was that not nice of her? And I am thankful to the American Idol operators to have switched their guy-girl line-up sometime ago when Crystal was hospitalized.

If you're having difficulty because of addiction to sweets, try this and see if you can Effortlessly Let Go Of Your Sugar Habit Once & For All! This E-book Will Help Anyone Who Has Ever Struggled With Any Kind Of Sugar Dependency To Easily Let Go Of It And Become Sugar Free.  

Drug Reverses Diabetes-Related Vision Loss

You may have to click the title several times before it comes up. That was what happened to me. I kept getting an error message but after persisting, I got it to appear, but if it does not for you, the name of the drug is Lucentis and the claim is that it is better than laser alone.

Anyway, I was so enthused about this drug reversing vision loss among the diabetics until I read the treatment-related complications. So it is left to the individual person to weigh the pros and cons of this treatment. There is another issue to this matter and that is the fact that the phase III studies of this drug have not been completed.

And there is the problem of its efficacy and safety after a year of use. Then there is the prohibitive cost of $2000 per dose and about $15,500 a year if seven doses are needed that you have to add up to the equation.

Actos Diabetes Drug to Go Generic in 2 Years

I hope this is the news that it is supposed to be but sometimes as it happens in other places, greed could take the upper hand and even generic drugs go sky high in cost. The timetable for going generic is going to happen in two years. Why not right now? More people will be helped this way.

Grapes Reduce Risk Factors for Heart Disease and Diabetes, Animal Study Shows

I hope this research advances to the next level so we can be sure the hypothesis that grapes will help rats reduce the risk factors for heart disease and diabetes will become a theory for humans. Still I subscribe to Dr. Bolling's advice that to reduce the diabetes risk, lower the blood pressure or help weak hearts to retain its pumping power, one has to eat a healthy diet low in trans fat, cholesterol and saturated fat, maintain a healthy weight and be more active.

Diabetes and the Pill

This is a lovely article that addresses the issue in a clear-cut and easy-to-understand manner as to the merits of progesterone-only birth control pills and the progesterone-estrogen variety. Alas, the jury is still out whether one raises the diabetes risk more than the other. Good thing we know for sure that the second type raises the blood sugar level so we can be on the look out. Authorities found no evidence though of increased diabetes risk for those who are not diabetic and taking hormonal birth control pills.

Research into Stem Cells of Adults Stirs Hopes

I hope and pray this will be a success for it will help the diabetics. The adult stem cells appear to give hope. Not only does it eliminate the moral issue of possibly destroying the embryonic stem cells but also they will not carry the problem of rejection as the source is coming from one's own body.

Injection Helps Treat Hard-to-Control Type 2 Diabetes

A new study shows a daily shot of liraglutide helps stabilize the blood sugar level for those who have difficulty controlling their blood glucose. They found it effective in combination with metformin. There's also minimum risk for hypoglycemia although some nausea has been reported. This should be a good thing for those who can't control their type 2 diabetes.


My heart was pounding when I opened this news item for I thought they could now test diabetes online but silly me for of course it is impossible. The test they were talking about it here is the test for risks. They will ask questions and depending on your answers, your risk will come up as high. If it is, then head on down to the nearest emergency clinic and get a blood test for diabetes.

12 Tips to Avoid Diabetes Complications

Thank you so much for these tips. We desperately need to be reminded of things to do to avoid complications and the tips the author mentioned certainly will do the job, that is, if we diligently follow them. There are people around who have had diabetes for decades and are avoiding the complications. So why not everyone of us?

Catabasis Lands $39M Series A for Diabetes Programs

I hope this venture will succeed in order to help the millions suffering from this condition. Catabasis might be able to develop medicines that will effectively treat the inflammation. They will do it by employing the benefits one gets from salicylate and omega-3 fatty acids.

How Genetic Mutations Lead to Diabetes

Now that the scientists have found out how the genetic mutations could lead to type 1 diabetes, can the preventative strategy be far behind? I am really interested in how exactly the genetic mutations raise the risk. All I got was the conclusive statement that particularly three genetic variations dramatically increase the risk to develop type 1 diabetes.

Artificial Pancreas for Type 1 Diabetes Works in Clinical Trials

The artificial pancreas will be heaven sent to the type1 diabetics as soon as all the kinks have been ironed out. The diabetics then will not have to inject themselves every day but just change the site of the pump every three days and the site for monitoring the glucose once a week.

Renewed Focus on Healthy Life

The free glucose testing will go a long way to help those at risk to develop diabetes. I am glad too that the university is working with its food supplier to make the options at the vending machine and the cafeteria healthier. I commend this university for its effort to reduce the students' body mass index and to have more vegetables and fruits on campus.

Police Warn of Diabetes Scam

This type of activity just makes my blood boil. Why anyone would victimize the diabetics pretending to help them and stealing their identity in the process is beyond my comprehension. The lesson of the story? Don't give out you social insurance number to anyone regardless of what they promise to give you for free. Things given out for free do not need the social insurance numbers.

Free Drug for Diabetes Type 2: Meijer Inc. Announced

Wow! What a charitable thing to do! Imagine giving out metformin to type 2 diabetics for free, saving them at least $40 a month. Not only that because some may have elected not to take the drug so that they can put food on the table. So this gift from Meijer Inc is huge and I thank them with all my heart!

Idol Contestant Deals With Diabetes

This just goes to show diabetes is not a hindrance to achieve success in any field. I pray that Crystal Bowersox will continue her road to success with or without the American Idol. Meantime, let us all lend support for this contestant. She is now my favorite to win.

Bariatric Surgery Lowered Pregnancy Complication Risk for Obese Women

This is another one of those news items that could help those concerned to make the informed decision. It looks like this study found that bariatric surgery will help avoid some pregnancy problems for obese women. This makes sense to the point the recommendation is made to consider this procedure for obese women who are of child bearing age.

New Game Makes Diabetes Slightly Less Horrifying

Anything to help the diabetics is such a welcome news. I can't wait when this game comes to the United States next month for I feel in my guts that this, especially I think for the children, will help lessen the stress brought on by having to test the blood glucose sugar many times a day.


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