New Diabetes Cure with Steroid Therapy

New diabetes cure with steroid therapy was published in June 2006. This is about a case of a slowly advancing type 1 diabetes in a 75-year old man. The glycemic control was unstable due to an unusual insulin antibody. The authors are Matsuyoshi A. et al all from Department of Metabolic Medicine in Kumamoto University in Japan.

The 75-year old case had been undergoing insulin therapy for three years. He used only the human recombinant type. Anyway, despite this, he suffered from unpredictable glycemic control. He showed a high level of both insulin and insulin antibodies.

After analysis, the patient showed that his results were not compatible with the diabetic patients who have exogenous insulin injections. The analysis showed that his results were well-matched with those patients who have insulin autoimmune syndrome.

The results further showed that the patient may have some kind of protection against the development of insulin autoimmune syndrome. The analysis also demonstrated a high level of insulin resistance. It was clear they had to do something else for this patient.

Enter a new diabetes cure with steroid therapy. They gave him 1000 mg for three days. Their purpose in doing this is to reduce the potential effect the insulin antibodies on this patient’s insulin resistance. They also wanted to know if this will stabilize the glycemic level.

What they found out among other things is that the new diabetes cure with steroid therapy increased the glucose infusion rate. In fact it increased from 2.84 to 5.55 mg/kg/min. The therapy also made the glycemic control better from 10% to 7.4% with decreased blood sugar excursion.

They therefore concluded that the change in the insulin pharmacokinetics due to insulin antibodies may be the cause of the brittle diabetes in this particular patient. This also led the researchers to deduce that a new diabetes cure with steroid therapy may be beneficial for the improvement of glycemic control.


Beyond Insulin: Searching for a Cure to Type 1 Diabetes

The search for a cure has two challenges to face. One is to stop the autoimmune attack on the beta cells in the pancreas that manufacture the insulin. The second is to replace the lost cells. They are already doing this at the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh by injecting adult volunteers with the very immune cells that make them ill. This has already worked in mice but there's quite a big jump between mice and men. Let's just say a little prayer for them that this time they will succeed. After all it has been around 80 years since insulin has been discovered making the deadly diabetes into a manageable condition.

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Don't worry yourself about the medical terminology here. What is important is the big picture. The medical field and the scientists are on the prowl trying to find the new and better cure for diabetes and this can only bode well for us.

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