Neuropathy Management_1 With Exercise Provides Big Benefits


Neuropathy management_1 was covered last time . We had the birds eye view of the eleven ways to manage neuropathy. Among those eleven we were only able to cover the first which is Eat Healthy. Now we are ready to tackle the other ways of neuropathy management_1 which are Exercise Regularly, Stop Prolonged Pressure, and Avoid Things That Can Cause Damage to the Nerves.

2. Exercise Regularly
Benefits from exercise is two-fold: It can help reduce the pain from neuropathy and it helps keep the blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure levels within target range. Ask your doctor for an exercise routine that fits your condition. Exercising regularly for half an hour to an hour will be a big help but avoid exercises that are hard on the feet. Warm-up before exercise and cool off after.


The importance of being physically active has been proven time and time again. It can really help stop the occurrence of neuropathy as well as the other diabetes complications. And you don’t have to go to the gym if you don’t want to. Making it more simple will go a long way. Making it complicated will just turn us off. Check with the doctor before you start.

To help you gain more muscle, lose weight or just get yourself in better physical shape, dumbbell exercises and lifting routines are great without the hassles and expenses of health clubs. You will get an instant downloadable guide that will give you the routines you need to get in better shape in 90 days or less or your money back.

The basic tenet is that the more time we are on our feet exerting ourselves is better for our health. But the need for exercise has spawned a huge industry of gyms, workout clothes, fitness centres and work out gears. While it is true that formal exercises have some benefits, so do every day task of scrubbing floors, cleaning the house, weeding the garden, washing the windows, cleaning out the toilets and the gutters and doing the laundry. At the end of the day, you will have exercised hard to lose weight and gotten a clean house besides.

For a change of pace, go line dancing, ballroom dancing, ballet or go coach a soccer game (be careful at this because I got hit by the ball and since then I developed a lazy eye). If you have a pool table, playing that will take care of a few calories. Play different games in your basement like darts, ping pong or if you love the outdoors, play backyard badminton.

And do as I do with a couple of five-pounder dumbbells. Raise them up to the shoulders, then up over your head. Or go bowling with your friends. We have a bowling alley in our condo’s recreational centre and have a blast inviting friends to go bowling with us.

3. Stop Prolonged Pressure
Avoid crossing the knees or leaning on the elbow for long periods of time as this may open new areas of nerve damage. When seated, put your feet up and move ankles up and down to keep the blood flowing to your feet.

4. Avoid Things That Can Cause Damage to the Nerves.
As mentioned above but bears repeating alcohol intake and tobacco smoke, cramped position, repetitive movements, and toxic chemicals can raise the risk of developing neuropathy. But get your doctor to screen you for nerve damage as soon as you are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and after five years if you have type 1 diabetes. I would not wait that long if I were the one.

Those are three more ways to manage neuropathy. We will deal with Daily Foot Care on the next web page. We could not combine the daily foot care with the others as there is a lot to cover on this issue. Hopefully by now we are learning some of the ways of neuropathy management_1.

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