Natural Cures for Diabetes=Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Natural cures for diabetes? They say Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM employs this in the treatment of diabetes. But the truth is that it doesn't really present a treatment for diabetes contrary to what their name implies. What it does instead is to help produce the best result to enable the body to function normally. More research is needed to study the effects of TCM on the body.

The Chinese called diabetes mellitus "Xiao Ke" when it was found and documented in Nei Jing two thousand years ago. The Chinese practitioners were the first to use drugs successfully to treat diabetes mellitus. Then in 1965 the first man-made blend of insulin was completed in China. This is of course after Dr. Frederick Banting of Canada discovered insulin in 1921. The race was on to discover the natural cures for diabetes.

The foundation of TCM is that all people are born from the interdependence of the two main beliefs, yin and yang. From this, it is believed that diabetes mellitus is caused by the inequity of yin as a result of congenital deficiencies, wrong diet, injury through emotional anxiety, mental and physical fatigue and other diseases. Thus the yin becomes deficient and the search for natural cures for diabetes to make the yin more efficient went on.

The yin therefore has to be nurtured and the kidney strengthened. How do they do this? Chinese practitioners prescribe raw drugs such as Radix Trichosanthis , Radix Scrophulariae, Radix Glehniae, RawGypsum Fibrosum, Raw Radix Rehmanniae, and Rhizoma Polygonati Odorati. They think these natural cures for diabetes will do the trick.

They say that Western Medicine has more precise anatomy, physiology, and physiology but there are advantages in TCM. There is a variety of treatment for one thing. Then the medication prescribed by TCM practitioners are known to have no toxic side effects. They try to go for the natural cures for diabetes.

TCM practitioners think of the patient as a whole person, that is, his mind, body, and spirit belong to one system so they stress the healing of the whole person and look for the origin of the illness. Because they are trained to do this, their approach to healing is somewhat different. Part of this is the use of the natural cures for diabetes.

Let's look at an example. In Western medicine, the practitioner prescribe hypoglycemic tablets and insulin injection in order to lower the blood glucose level. But this does not address the fact that the islets of Langerhans which is responsible for the secretion of insulin is dysfunctional so when the drugs are withdrawn, the blood sugar will rise again.

In the initial stage the insulin that emerged from the islets of Langerhans is called "insulin factor" This can change into insulin with the help of bile and enzyme. This process of change is called translating process. The trouble is this translating process sometimes manifest a disorder causing diabetes. So they felt the need for some natural cures for diabetes.

What do they do when this happens? The Traditional Chinese Medicine employs Chinese medicinal drugs in order to get to the bottom of this disorder. They try to make the insulin factor solve the disorder problem through these medicines that will make this insulin factor change into insulin. They use natural cures for diabetes to effect this change.

TCM can also help the diabetic patient manage how lipids are used. Bile we already know has a role in the mixture of insulin so if this is irregular, needless to say the synthesis of insulin is also affected. Chinese medicinal drugs they believe are the natural cures for diabetes can help with this problem.

Uniting both the traditional Chinese and Western treatments can be very helpful. The physicians and TCM practitioners who opt to combine the two forms of care both understand the importance of close monitoring of blood sugar levels and check for possible side effects.

Anyway, the main goal is to find the best and safe way to care for the patients. The most effective care possible is the ultimate end result of all the effort to find the best care possible. Being open to all kinds of treatment including the natural cures for diabetes and educating ourselves on all of these is the best thing we can do.

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