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Natural cure diabetes_1 is here once more as promised. Sometimes when the conventional medicine does not work, it is good to try each of the alternative treatment options one at a time until you find the right fit. But for each one you try, consult with the doctor as he knows the overall condition of your body that may have some contraindication to taking alternative treatment.


Here are the others in the list:

  • Healing herbs: Consuming ten curry leaves each morning for three months will help, so they say. And it also cures the condition if it is due to obesity. Two teaspoons of fenugreek seeds everyday is good. So is amla which they claim helps control diabetes. They say that a tablespoon of equal amount of amla, jumbal and bitter gourd taken once or twice a day is good. Plasa leaves are supposed to be good and so is garlic.
  • Gem Therapy: No, don't drink this; wearing citrine quartz is supposed to be good for the digestive and endocrine systems. So are white coral, white sapphire and emerald. Too bad I don't have any of that stuff or I would have tried each one to see which of them works as a natural cure for diabetes_1.
  • Acupressure: This is supposed to help control diabetes if treatment is given on point number 25 of the pancreas and point number 16 of the lymph gland. I apply pressure on two nodes on my elbows and the two on the knees when I do my tai chi but that's only to wake me up so I can go to work on this. Don’t try this at home and expect diabetes to wake up too and go away.
  • Ancient Remedies: One tablespoon of the juice from neem leaf is supposed to control diabetes or prevent it by consuming eight to ten neem leaves every day. They claim that chewing twelve bael leaves will activate the pancreas enough to make it produce insulin. Half a teaspoon of pure turmeric powder with honey will be a relief. The same is true they say with leucas leaves with four or five peppercorns, They claim that swallowing this paste daily for seven to eight weeks will help.
  • Other measures: Good diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains plus regular exercises of light games, swimming and jogging are all beneficial. In fact, this is what you should try first at least for a year before trying other stuff unless the condition worsens and the doctor gives you the go-ahead to try one natural cure for diabetes_1.

Here's a video that will show it may not be just your diet, but how you spice it that can help keep diabetes under control. They say that a natural yellow pigment in the curry spice turmeric, already known to have other health benefits, can also improve symptoms of diabetes.

There you have all the natural resources I have come up in my research. I will not try the ones I have not tested yet without consulting with the doctor as I may have a condition that will be contraindicated. At least we have this list of measures as a springboard fur further research on things under the heading of natural cure for diabetes_1. Just in case there's something that fits you, check out the Native Remedies, the Natural Way!

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