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Natural Cures for Diabetes in vitamin supplements with the pros and cons will be discussed here. What are supplements, you asked? When can they be of help? Can they be dangerous? And which ones will help with diabetes? I will try to answer these questions in the following.

Here are the vitamins that have been found helpful in diabetes management. Some even say they are part of the natural cure or cures for diabetes:

Vitamin A - This is a significant antioxidant. There should be a warning for pregnant women though on the product label.

Vitamin B-complex - This may improve the metabolism of glucose. Take 60 milligrams twice daily but do not go over 300 mg each day.
Vitamin B6 - This seems to offer important defense against the development of diabetic neuropathy. This hypothesis was reached because diabetics with neuropathy have been found to be deficient in Vitamin B6. Also, they have shown improvement with supplementation. So you can say that proponents of this as a help to the natural cures for diabetes have a basis for their claim.

Vitamin B12 - This can help to inhibit diabetic neuropathy. This is another plus for the proponents of natural cures of diabetes.

Vitamin C - Researches have shown that this vitamin may reduce the harm caused by free radicals to proteins. This is an important role because although diabetes does not kill people, the complications arising from it do. Vitamin C also aids in stopping the sugar inside the cells from changing to sorbitol.

What is sorbitol, you asked? Well, it is a sugar alcohol that cells cannot burn or move out. So of course they just build up and this in turn has been associated in diabetes-related damage to the eye, nerve and kidney.

The study conducted at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, found that red blood cells levels of sorbitol in those with Type 1 diabetes plunged from double the normal amount to normal after 100 or 600 mg of Vitamin C a day for 58 days.

This is a significant finding because that over time people suffering from Type 1 diabetes will have fewer complications if they get plenty of Vitamin C. Besides, due to its low toxicity and its capacity to infuse all tissues in the body, it could be superior to drugs that do the same thing. Can you see now why they say vitamins are an aid to the natural cures for diabetes?

Some doctors now recommend Vitamin C for diabetes. The study in Amherst found that 100 mg works just as well as 600 mg for people who get 60 mg from food. A word of warning here for some taking over 1200 mg a day as this may cause diarrhea.

Scurvy has been reported in babies whose mothers took large amount of Vitamin C. Chewable Vitamin pills contain elevated Vitamin C that may erode tooth enamel if used for a long time. Large amounts of Vitamin C may also impede the action of some anticlotting medications.

Being chemically similar to glucose, Vitamin C when taken in large doses may not give accurate reading in laboratory tests for the presence of glucose in the urine. This may pose a problem in checking the blood glucose levels in people with diabetes.

Vitamin E - This is also a significant antioxidant especially only little amounts of this can be found in food. Population studies show a decrease in heart attacks in those taking Vitamin E. They also demonstrate its value in dealing with Type 2 diabetes. Researchers in Louisiana gave 35 diabetics 100 IU of Vitamin E for three months and found the blood sugar levels of their subjects fell significantly. Can you hear the proponents of natural cures for diabetes celebrating?
It is rather safe to take Vitamin E when taken in amounts of 400 IUs every day for a long time. This has also been called a miracle vitamin, clearly giving reason for some to think this as an aid in the
natural cures for diabetes. However, when taken in excess of this amount, blood-clotting may be prolonged. Therefore people on blood thinners should not take mega doses of Vitamin E as they may considerably increase blood-clotting time.

Now do you think the ones rooting for the natural cures for diabetes won? You be the judge!

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