Meal Plan With a Focus on Fruits

Meal plan? This is a vital component of any approach to diabetes. There are all kinds of recipes and techniques for healthy meals. There are planning strategies galore. What we should not forget is to have some focus on fruits in our diet.

Diabetic Diet Secrets

I know fruits are a good part of a meal plan but let me tell you about a man's journey from death's door to glucose control without medications. At first, he followed all the rules but when his blood sugar remained high, he took matters in his own hand and devised a plan to do it. The link is in article 102, but please see this first: Diabetic Diet Secrets

Fruits in a meal plan or not refer to the ripe ovaries along with their seeds of a flowering plant. When talking about fruits we refer to those that are sweet and meaty. We won’t go into a debate whether something is a fruit or a vegetable such as tomatoes and the like. Suffice it is to say that when eaten in a healthy way, fruits are good for us.

I bet you didn’t know there are three essential types of fruits that we can incorporate in our meal plan. Why? Because I didn’t know there were such divisions of simple, aggregate and multiple fruits. When are they simple? Some fruits can be dry or fleshy when they are a product of the maturation of a simple and compound ovary like berries, plums and bananas.

Aggregate fruits in a meal plan? What is that? Well an aggregate fruit is one that evolves from a flower with several simple pistils like raspberry, blackberry, and strawberry. These all develop from a single flower with several pistils.

How about multiple fruits for our meal plan? A fruit is multiple when it is formed from a bunch of flowers, each generating a fruit but all ripen into a single mass like pineapple, fig, mulberry and breadfruit. Do we really need all this information? Not really, but knowledge is power. Besides, knowing this might motivate us into eating fruits.

That out of the way, let us go to the nitty gritty. After all, the meal plan is the important part of this section. And a meal plan that includes fruits is good for us. Why? It is because fruits supply us with carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Here are examples of fruits to include in our meal plan. Choose your favorites:

Apples, bananas, mangoes, fruit juice, strawberries, raisins, guavas, oranges, papayas, canned fruit, peaches and grapefruit.

Now let’s see how we can integrate these fruits into our meal plan. We have to know how much is one serving, compared to two servings. This way, we will not go overboard. Here they are, the answer to the question how much is a serving of fruit.

Examples of 1 serving:

  • ½ grapefruit
  • ½ cup juice
  • 1 small apple

Examples of 2 servings:

  • 1 banana
  • ½ cup orange juice and 1 ¼ cups of whole strawberries

As with the vegetables, if your meal plan takes into account more than one serving, you can choose different types of fruits or have several servings of one fruit. For example, if our meal plan calls for two servings of fruits, we can elect to have 2 ½ cups of whole strawberries. So you see, we are not going to starve.

So as usual, we will end up with the question as to the healthy ways to eat fruits:

1. Eat an assortment of fruits. It doesn’t matter whether they’re fresh, frozen, canned or dried instead of fruit juice for your fruit selections. If you are on a 2000 calorie diet, you will require two cups of fruits daily. For this you could eat a large orange, and a small banana, and ¼ cup of dried apricots or peaches. Notice the “and”. I put them there for emphasis to show you can eat all three of them on any given day or their substitutes, of course.

2. Purchase smaller fruits.

3. Eat fruits raw or cooked or as juice with no sugar added of course or canned in their own juice or dried.

4. Select fruits more often than juice. It is more substantial for one thing and they contain more of the all important “f” word. Did you guess it right? Yes, it’s fiber.

5. Read the labels when you buy canned fruits and fruit juice. We found fruit juice sometimes has over 30g sugar content.

6. And now for the best part. You can still have peach cobbler or cherry pie for special occasions. Isn’t that great? We can still have these high-sugar, high-fat desserts not on every-day basis though.

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