The Diabetic Companion on Neuropathy Primer - Part 7E Management of Neuropathy_3

Management of neuropathy_3 is something to do to avoid complications. We have covered a lot of issues on how to do this as we do not want to leave any stone unturned. So we’ve covered 1. eating healthy, 2. exercising, 3. stopping prolonged pressure, 4. avoiding things that can cause damage to the nerves, 5. daily foot care and 6. smoking. This page will deal with more on the ways to manage neuropathy.

7. Managing Any Medical Condition Medical conditions that are left untreated can put one at risk. Keeping the blood sugar level under control will help so check the blood sugar daily and record it in a notebook. Ask the doctor for an effective and safe treatment of any condition including excessive alcohol consumption. Neuropathy is more common among those having trouble controlling blood sugar, and those with high levels of blood pressure, blood fat and overweight.

We can manage the diabetes but there is no cure yet. Everyone’s treatment plan is different. Some may only need to eat healthy, exercise and lose weight. Others will need more. Ask the doctor also about administering insulin or oral medication and take them as directed. He will tailor a treatment plan that will meet your needs.


Managing the blood pressure and cholesterol will help prevent neuropathy as well. The blood pressure comes in two numbers like this 120/70. Keep the first number below 130 and the second below 80. Ask the doctor what numbers to have if there’s already kidney problem. Physical activity, healthy meal plans and medicines can keep the blood pressure under control.

8. Floss and brush teeth every day.Diabetes can also lead to problems in the mouth like periodontal or gum disease and dry mouth which is most of the time a symptom of diabetes. What can one do? Brush and floss teeth every day, keep the blood sugar under control and regular check-up with the dentist will help. There are more to do on oral health so we will devote more on this before we finish with management of neuropathy_3.

9. Be Stress-Free There are a lot of ways to take care of stress. One way is exercise. It is the most effective form for relieving stress. Not only does it ease anxiety and tension but also it makes one feel better. There is more information on exercise

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