Management of Neuropathy_2 on Smoking and Diabetes, A Deadly Combination


Management of neuropathy_2 covers a lot of issues. So far we’ve covered eating healthy, exercising, stopping prolonged pressure, avoiding things that can cause damage to the nerves and daily foot care. This page deals with smoking.

6. Quit Smoking:

It is deadly to mix diabetes and smoking. Why? Because of the shared threat for heart disease. Smoking is linked to a host of health problems but it is more dangerous to mix it with diabetes. Quitting smoking therefore is of utmost importance and is a crucial issue in the management of neuropathy_2.

Smoking and diabetes can increase the risk of stroke and heart attack. The diabetics are two to four more times to have a stroke and heart attack than those who do not have diabetes. Persistent high blood sugar damages the blood vessels which can lead to a heart attack and stroke.


Smoking is also associated with stroke and heart attack because it can raise blood sugar, lower HDL or good cholesterol and the amount of oxygen that reaches the organs and can cause blood clots to form. The diabetics who smoke are three more times likely to die from a heart disease than the diabetics who do not smoke. Can you see why this is such an important part of the management of neuropathy_2?

The Painless Stop Smoking Cure Program

In addition, smoking can raise the risk to develop the other dangerous diabetes complications like retinopathy or diabetic eye disease, kidney disease, foot problems and nerve damage. Smoking can also raise the blood sugar level making it difficult to control diabetes. Smoking also can lead to insulin resistance so it is time to quit.

So you see that smoking makes diabetes worse. To keep the blood sugar under control, it is important to quit smoking. I know it is not easy to quit because it is addicting but you can kick this habit no matter how long you have been smoking. You will be healthier. People who have succeeded use a combination of medication and behavioural modification techniques. Here are some tips to succeed:

1. Select the date when you quit and tell all friends and family about this.

2. Get some counselling. Your doctor can make a suggestion on an appropriate a smoking cessation for you.

3. Don’t stop cold turkey although I know people who have done so successfully. Find out from your doctor about nicotine replacement products like gum or patch.

4. Throw away all ashtrays, cigarettes and lighters.

5. Write down why you are quitting and bring that note with you wherever you go. Read it whenever you feel the urge to smoke.

6. Be prepared when you crave for a cigarette. Have the gum and sugar-free candy always ready to use as soon as you feel a craving for a cigarette. Then play with a deck of cards, rubber band or anything you can put in your hands when you miss having a cigarette in your hand.

7. Get a friend to quit smoking with you. That way you can cheer each other on.

8. Accept there may be setback. This is normal and should not be a reason for you to stop trying to quit smoking.

9. Keep busy with activities that you cannot do while smoking like exercising.

10. Avoid places where there are a lot of people smoking at least for awhile.

Hopefully, this web page has helped one realize that to quit smoking is the thing to do, most specially if one has diabetes. There are a lot of things in favour of quitting this habit, foremost of which is avoiding the complications associated with diabetes. That is why this is such a crucial part of the management of neuropathy_2.

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