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Lowest-carb fruits? Quite a few people have been asking about this so I will devote this page to the carbohydrate content of fruits in order from the lowest to the highest content. I know it is not easy to tell just by their looks as they come in all shapes and sizes.

Avocados, for example, third in our list for lowest-carb fruits, are supposed to sideline diabetes because eating foods high in fiber like avocados can benefit type 2 diabetics in several ways. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that a high fiber-diet can lower triglyceride cholesterol, insulin, and glucose levels.

Boost the body with oranges which place eight in our list. They are rich in Vitamin C but (Sh, don't tell anybody I told you because I could get into trouble with this) frozen orange juice may be your best bet. Oh, may lightning not strike me dead for saying bad things about oranges.


And of course there’s the apple, the ultimate health food. Apples are filled with fiber, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. On top of that, an apple is fat-free, low in sodium and cholesterol free. It’s amazing to know it is one of the healthiest snacks in the planet.

I will share a little secret with you. I don’t even like apples so I am saying this with no strings attached. Whenever I have a digestive problem, I just eat an apple and voila! Problem solved. So we always keep apples in the fridge despite the fact that I am not crazy about them. As a matter of fact when I go without a digestive problem for sometime, the apples just turn into a science experiment in the fridge.

Lowest-Carb Fruits Ranked From the Lowest Carb Content
Fruits 50-gram portion Serving
Watermelon 4 grams 1/2 cup 5.5g
Strawberry 4 grams 1/2 cup 6.5g
Avocado 4 grams 1/2 cup 8g
Honeydew Melon 5 grams 1/2 cup 8g
Peach 5 grams 14.5g
Blackberries 5 grams 1/2 cup 7 grams
Grapefruit 5 grams 1/2 medium 10.5g
Oranges 5 grams 1 medium orange 15.5g
Papaya 5 grams 1 medium 30g
Nectarines 6 grams 1/2 medium 15g
Clementines 6 grams 1 medium 9 grams
Plums 6 grams 1 medium 7.5 grams
Raspberries 6 grams 1/2 cup 7.5 grams
Pineapple 6 grams 1/2 cup chunks 11 grams
Blueberries 7 grams 1/2 cup 11 grams
Apples 7 grams 1 medium with skin 25 grams
Pear 7 grams 1 medium 27.5 grams
Kiwi 8 grams 1 medium without skin 11 grams
Tangerine 8 grams 1 medium 12 grams
Cherries 8 grams 1/2 cup 11 grams
Mango 14 grams 1/2 cup sliced 14 grams
Persimmon 9 grams 1 medium 8.5 grams
Banana 12 grams 1 medium 27 grams
Grapes 13 grams 1/2 cup 14 grams

There you have the fruits ranked according to their carbohydrate content. There are some figures that I question so I am going back to my source to check them for accuracy. Anyway, with the list you will be confident of eating the lowest-carb fruits.

Lowest-Carb Fruits, Want to Know More? Lowest-carb fruits information is essential for those who count their carbohydrates. Some are arranged according to their sugar content. The good news is that the fruits that contain the lowest in sugar are also the ones that place high in nutritional value. That is they are antioxidants and rich in other phytonutrients. The fruits lowest in sugar are small quantity of lime or lemon, rhubarb, raspberries, blackberries and cranberries.

P.S. Why Counts Vary

Lowest-carb fruits are good for those counting their carbohydrate but why are there discrepancies in the count? For instance they say that one strawberry has one gram of carb but others do not. You see the values are different in various places.

Usually the figures are just averages taken out of many tests because they depend on the species and the growing condition. Sometimes even the fertilizers used affect the count. This is why packaged goods are allowed to differ as much as 20% from what is in the label.

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