On Hypoglycemia Diet, What the Company Can Do

Hypoglycemia diet is an important treatment when the blood sugar is way too low. What happens in the work place if an employee goes through this episode? For one thing, the table on its treatment can be prominently displayed. Adapted from the Handbook of Diabetes Medical Nutrition Therapy, here's the table:

Treatment of Hypoglycemia
If Blood Sugar is=51-70 mg/dL41-50 mg/dL<40 mg/dL
Recommended Amount of Carbohydrate15 grams20 grams30 grams
Apple or orange fruit juice4 ounces6 ounces8 ounces
Regular Soda4 ounces6 ounces8 ounces
Grape or cranberry juice3 ounces4 ounces6 ounces
Glucose Tablets (5 grams carb each)346
Raisins1 ounce1.5 ounces2 ounces

When on insulin or medication therapy, increased exercise may lower your need for medication. This is good but you and your health care team have to adjust the medication or add a timed snack or you may have an episode so make sure you have the hypoglycemia diet to treat it if you're at home or the office. If not, carry a snack with sugar with you just in case you need it.

Since one company goal in its program of making a difference for diabetes is to provide chances for the employees to change lifestyle, this is the opportunity to show it. The work place could provide the hypoglycemia diet supplies. Here are other possible actions the company can undertake:

  • Establish an exercise area or make arrangement with a gym or health facility to make membership available at a reduced rate.
  • Provide support for programs to control weight.
  • Appoint a wellness committee that will make sure among other things the supplies for a hypoglycemia diet are available.
  • Support a smoke-free work place.
  • Create a lunch and learn session where an invited health expert could talk about issues on diabetes like hypoglycemia diet.
  • Provide opportunities for individual and group classes on self-care.

What are the benefits of the aforementioned actions? Aside for the preparedness when hypoglycemia diet is needed, there are many other outcomes. The value of the results of these actions is immeasurable. Here are the possible outcomes:

  • Employees' morale is improved.
  • Employees' absenteeism rate is lower.
  • Chronic diseases are better controlled.
  • There is less stress at work and happier employees do better work.

The above are just on the effects of the disease on people. How about the economic consequences? Hospitalizations related to diabetes is reported to be 13.9 million days in 1997 while the office visits to physicians is 30.3 millions in the same year You can bet some of these needed a hypoglycemia diet treatment.

The total medical expenses related to diabetes in 1997 was $98 billion. Of the indirect estimate cost of $54 billion, $16.9 billion was for early death and $37.1 billion for disability. The estimate for direct cost of $44.1 billion was spent as follows:

  • $24.6 billion for additional occurrence of other medical conditions.
  • $11.8 billion for additional occurrence of related chronic complications like circulatory, kidney, eye, nerve and skin ailmnt.
  • $7.7 billion for diabetes and control of blood sugar levels.

What is a company to do when faced with such statistics? To be more efficient, it is clear all efforts have to be organized. Such actions as tracking down medical claims so service can be improved and providing education classes on preventing diabetes complications and providing supplies for hypoglycemia diet will lead to fewer hospitalization and office visits and reduced expenses.

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