Hyperglycemia Facts Part 2 - What to Prepare for the Doctor's Appointment and a Home Treatment Plan


Hyperglycemia happens to all diabetics from time to time. It can cause diabetes complications so it is best to know what to do. To find out when your blood sugar level is high, check it to make sure. You already know the symptoms from Part 1. Did you know you can treat it yourself? Read on.

Part 1 also tells when to book for an appointment with the doctor. To get the best out of the doctor's visit, prepare for it for the visit is brief and there is so much to cover. So write them down and go over with the doctor all the issues you want answered. The things that are helpful to prepare for the doctor's appointment are found after this home treatment plan.

Here's the Home Treatment Plan as Promised:

  • Exercise regularly to control the blood sugar but don't exercise when there are ketones in the urine as it will only make the blood sugar level higher.
  • Take the prescribed medication as scheduled. Ask the doctor on the next visit if time and dosage should be adjusted.
  • Check the blood sugar as to the frequency the doctor advised or more times when sick or concerned about the low or high blood sugar levels.
  • To control hyperglycemia, insulin should be adjusted. Having an extra dose of short-acting insulin can help fix the high blood sugar temporarily. Ask the doctor how many times you can get an extra dose.
  • Stick to the diabetes healthy eating plan, avoid sweet drinks and ask the doctor or the dietitian for help if you have a problem with this.


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Things To Do to Prepare and Get the Best Out of the Doctor's Appointment:

  • When booking an appointment, inquire whether there is a need to fast just in case the doctor will give a test that requires one to refrain from eating and drinking for eight hours.
  • Write down the list of medications and vitamins and other supplements used.
  • Get ready the record of the glucose readings along with the time, results and medications as showing this to the doctor will help him see the trend and know what advice to give to prevent hyperglycemia.
  • Have a list of any prescriptions that need to be refilled.
  • Write down some changes that may have caused stress.
  • Be ready with the list of questions to ask the doctor.

Here are Samples of Questions to Ask:

  • How many times do I check my blood sugar level?
  • What level should be my target goal?
  • How can I reach my target goal?
  • How can I prevent high blood glucose level?
  • Do I need to worry about low blood sugar level? What symptoms should I keep an eye on?
  • How do I test for ketones? And when do I do this?
  • How do exercise and diet affect the blood sugar?
  • What type of follow-up can I count on?
We have covered so much on Parts 1 and 2 but believe it or not, there's more to learn on this issue. The last one (Part 3, I promise) will deal with tests and diagnosis, emergency treatment and most importantly, how to prevent this high blood glucose reading or hyperglycemia.

Hyperglycemia Part 2 And The Latest News

Hyperglycemia on the latest news had a study about it demonstrating that dapagliflozin when added to existing metformin therapy improved HbA1c during a 52-week treatment period. The study also demonstrated that this combo achieved significant reductions in total body weight from baseline and a reduced number of patients reporting one or more hypoglycemic events.

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