Learn How to Test for Diabetes in the Community

How to test for diabetes is part of your responsibility after you have been diagnosed. But so many live with diabetes that the community has a special role to play. There is really no other choice since most communities are affected by diabetes whether it is the neighbor next door, a family member, a co-worker or a friend down the road.

The members of the community have developed a relationship that helps make them trust one another. This type of relationship can provide different ways of approaching people with diabetes. One of the ways could be using a community hall to show how to test for diabetes.

A diabetes educator could be invited to give a talk and to demonstrate how to test for diabetes. The educator could show how to check the blood sugar. He could say it is a simple test that must be learned by following these guidelines:

  • Wash the hands and prick the finger with a lancet that most testing supplies provide.
  • When using a strip, drop the blood on this and wait for the time allotment before wiping the blood away. Then wait for some time before comparing the results against the color chart.
  • Those with glucose meter can easily show how to test for diabetes by following the instructions of the manufacturer. The invited diabetes educator will talk about the meter reading the results. He will also let those in attendance determine which method is best for each one.
  • Finally, the educator will discuss after demonstrating how to test for diabetes, when to test and how often it should be done.

You see, by organizing and inviting a diabetes educator, the community is perhaps the best tool in helping people take control of the disease. The starting point could be a demonstration on how to test for diabetes. By working together, family and friends in the neighborhood can support each other and improve the health of the community.

The community members can therefore make plans for whatever action they decide to undertake. It could be, in addition to a demonstration on how to test for diabetes, a get-together for a planned healthy meal, an organized walk in the park, or just learn more about diabetes by inviting resource people to give talks in the community hall.

Here's a sample of what the community can do. Indianapolis has scheduled a one-day conference in order to inform and help the diabetics and their families. February 2, 2008 is the time they chose for this conference. Among the topics are:

  • The Truths and Myths About Insulin and Type 2 Diabetes
  • What's Driving You Crazy About Your Caregivers and Living with Diabetes
  • Raising Kids with Diabetes
  • Home Glucose Monitoring: Knowing Your Numbers and What to Do with Them

You can register and get information from 888-229-6263 which is the Office of Continuing Medical Education at UCSD. You may also register online at .


An invited person can give a talk on the myths of diabetes that there is no such thing as having just a touch of sugar or just being a borderline case. These myths could just encourage people not only to learn how to test for diabetes but also not to take control of the situation. Then when it gets out of control, it makes it much harder to deal with.

Other myths such as insulin is a cure and if one is not taking medication, it must not be serious are there only to cloud the issue. Insulin is not a cure and there is no cure. Medications are there only to keep blood sugar from building up in the bloodstream. That is why it is crucial to monitor this and learn how to test for diabetes.

The resource person should emphasize the danger of believing in the other myths like drinking water can wash away the blood sugar or there's nothing I can do about it. We are fortunate to live in this age when there are tools we can use to control diabetes. We can eat healthy meals, be physically active and lose weight if necessary.

All the things the community can offer its members can empower everyone to take control of this disease. They can all work together and encourage one another to beat diabetes. Hopefully, the end result will be a future for the next generation that is free of diabetes.

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