How to Test for Diabetes, Crucial in Disease Management

How to test for diabetes? This is surely part and parcel of disease management. That is why we will devote this section to this all important topic. For how can we ever dream of controlling the disease without testing for it? Impossible, wouldn't you say?

The equipment you will need is crucial in learning how to test for diabetes. There are different kinds of available equipment so it is good to discuss such topics as how they work, how to maintain them and what to look for in buying them.

For example when learning how to test for diabetes, you will see that some lancets are for sight reading only. Others can only be read by machines. To make matters more difficult is that not all lancets are created equal for they do not work for all machines. So make sure that when you buy lancets, they fit the machine you have.

Machines come in different shapes. Some come like big markers while others are in the form of compact powder. The pharmacist or health care provider will show you how to test for diabetes with the use of the machines. Test them to see which fits you best.

With the use of the glucose monitors, you will learn how to test for diabetes. They are small enough that you can carry wherever you go. They run on batteries, weigh less than a pound and take only a few minutes of your time each time you use it.

Learning how to test for diabetes is not difficult but you will need to learn how to use the machine properly. Some do not use it properly because the manufacturer's directions are not clear or the users do not read the instruction. No problem. Just ask the pharmacist or health care team to show you how to test for diabetes with it.

If you use a glucose monitor in learning how to test for diabetes, here are the things you should do:

  • Some machines do not need adjustment but make sure the one you're using is calibrated properly. The reading will be wrong if it's not, so make sure the pharmacist or any health team care member will adjust the glucose monitor for you
  • Read the instructions carefully. If you don't understand it, call the toll-free number that comes with it and ask for someone to walk you through the directions.
  • In addition, get help from the pharmacist and health care team member or someone who has used it properly before to give you a demonstration.
  • Remember to use fresh strips and supplies and keep the glucose meter clean.

Before you buy a glucose meter, here are some questions to ask:

  • How much is the meter and the supplies? Some meters may come cheap but their supplies like the lancets are expensive so it will be more costly in the long run. Some even give it away knowing that you will buy the supplies for them.
  • Is it easy to get the supplies? If the demand is greater than the supply, you might end up with the meter with no supplies. So comparison shop because there are plenty of manufacturers out there. The health care team will advise you.
  • Is it easy to read?
  • Is it easy to clean?
  • Is it easy to calibrate?
  • How much blood does the meter need?
  • How about testing before purchasing it?
  • Will they provide training on how to use it?
  • Is there a special record to keep for data management?
  • Can it identify interference due to medications?
  • What is the warranty? Is there a toll-free number available 24/7?
  • What policies do they have regarding repairs?

It is important too to talk to someone who has successfully used the monitor on how to test for diabetes. It is better to have this shown in an actual demonstration so you will feel more comfortable in using it. You can do it! Try to spread the word around so people will be in the know on all things diabetes.

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