How to Manage Diabetes in Four Steps

How to manage diabetes? This I have to know, and in four steps? I want to know more! Hmm.. where to start? Step one, of course. And what is step one all about? Learn all you can about diabetes. This is the starting point to control the disease with this goal in mind, a long, active life.

How to manage diabetes should be taken seriously for this disease is a complicated one. Why, you asked? Because it affects the whole body and not only in the sense of if you hurt your finger, your whole body suffers. Oh, it's much more than that, more serious in fact.

You already know the complications, to the heart, kidney, feet, eyes, gums and your sexual life. I don't want to scare you and name them all again for there is a whole section of complications in this site. Besides, all these can be prevented, so why dwell on the negative? Let's just learn how to manage our diabetes, shall we?

The first step therefore is crucial. Your health care team will show you how to manage diabetes. And you're already doing all you can by perusing websites such as this. The actions you will take will get you where you want to go. Your health care team will help you create a plan. Who are the members of this team?

  • doctor and diabetes teacher
  • eye doctor and foot doctor
  • dentist and nutritionist
  • nurse and mental health therapist
  • social worker and nurse practitioner
  • pharmacist and family and friends
  • you

You are the most vital member of this team because the diabetes care plan will evolve from you and center around you. You will be making wise choices every day and take action. Without you, things will not fall into place. First on how to manage diabetes is to learn the different types like Type 1, Type 2 and gestational diabetes.

Then think of it as a serious disease even if they say you just have a touch of it or your sugar is a little high or you have borderline diabetes. All these are wrong and imply that it is not serious. Worst it may hurt your desire to learn how to manage diabetes.


Lifestyle Rx: Adult Diabetes is a Manageable Problem

They're still saying the same old, the same old thing about excess fat both in food and body as the chief cause of adult diabetes. But this time they added a challenge for us to reduce fat in the diet, exercise and lose fat and for sure our need for insulin will go down.

Are the diabetics too lazy to manage their diabetes properly? The answer is a resounding no. If anything, they work very hard at it. Dr. Paul Rosman, endocrinologist thinks so too. The problem lies in the fact that most people don’t understand how to sort the diabetes data into pieces they can manage. One must know how to effectively use the information gathered and to make behavioural changes based on the data found. Dr. Rosman thinks there are five components to avoid diabetes overload:

1. Know when to start and keep things small so you can focus on them and manage them well.

2. Fix what is wrong. When the blood sugar is high, find out what happened . Was it the food you ate or the exercise you did? Are you under stress?

3. Identify the patterns of the blood sugar high and low. What happened to cause either the high or the low blood sugar reading?

4. Know the signs of burnout, Good management routines can be side tracked small events like a change in work and sleep, holidays, birthdays and weddings.

5. Your doctor has a checklist of things to do to look after you. Understand them and if there is something in the list that bothers you, just say at the start of your appointment so he can set aside some time for that.

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So make healthy and wise choice of foods and be physically active so you can lose weight if needed. Take good care of yourself every day so you can avoid the complications and so you can feel better. This is how to manage diabetes. This will lead to the blood glucose level as close to normal as possible. And the results?:

  • You will be less weary, thirsty and urinate less as well.
  • You will have less skin and bladder troubles.
  • You will have less troubles with the eyes, gums and feet.
  • You will have more energy, get that pep and vigor we all want.

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Now let's move on to step 2 on how to manage diabetes. And it is, drum roll, please, learn your ABC. ABC? Yes, that's right. A is for the A1c test that tells the story of the blood glucose level over the period of the last three months. The goal is 7.

B is for blood pressure with a goal of 130/80 so the heart will not have to work too hard. And C is for cholesterol the goal of which is two-fold. For LDL which is the bad cholesterol that clogs the blood vessels and cause heart attack or stroke, the goal is below 100.

For HDL which is the good cholesterol that helps remove cholesterol from the blood vessels, the goal is above 40. Work towards all these goals but go easy on yourself. Rome was not built in one day and there will be setbacks. Just continue on with your effort and little by little, block by block, we will learn how to manage diabetes and build this arsenal against it.

Step 3 is the actual management of diabetes and step 4 is getting routine care. I will cover these last two steps in the next day but meantime, take good care of yourself. If you ever want to thank me for all this work I am doing for you (not that I expect it), your learning how to manage diabetes and taking action is the best thank you I want.

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