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Herbs for diabetes are available for those who have diabetes mellitus, one of those silent killer diseases that affect millions of people worldwide. Patients suffer from diabetes when the body refuses to produce enough insulin that is required to maintain the normal level of blood glucose. It may also occur when the body responds weakly to the insulin.

Apart from the normal medications many herbs for diabetes and health supplements are very popular in controlling insulin and glucose level in the blood. There can be a debate about the role of the herbs and supplements in controlling diabetes.

Free Shipping on Orders over $89 at HerbsProNevertheless, one cannot deny the fact about the strong presence of the supplements and herbs both among the dietary list of the patients and in the medical stores. However, before starting any health supplements, exercises or diet plans it is mandatory to consult your physician.

The five most popular herbs and supplements effective for diabetes are below after the following request:

1.Bitter Melon or otherwise called balsam pear has the effect of lowering the glucose level from the blood. This popular herb is cultivated in parts of Asia, South America, and Africa. Locals of these places have long been using bitter melon to cure diabetes.

Researchers have shown that bitter melon contains anti-diabetic components like Charantin. Charatin, when combined with other steroids yields fruitful results compared to tolbutamide. Groups of Philippines-based researchers have shown that bitter melon taken in capsule form consistently for three months can lower the glucose level in the blood. It can also be consumed in cooked form.


2.Bilberry falls in the same category of blueberry, containing a form of flavonoids known as Anthocyanins. It has the effect of controlling the level of glucose in the blood. It is also a popular herb for protecting the nerves and the eyes.

3.Fenugreek is popular for its blood glucose lowering effect. The seeds are rich in alkaloid trogonelline, coumarin, and nicotinic acid. All of these are anti-diabetic components. These Indian seeds are popular in Indian cooking and have shown the evidence of lowering the blood sugar, decreasing high cholesterol and escalating the insulin level in the blood.

The presence of amino acid enhances the release of insulin in the blood. In a clinical research done on 60 people who took 25 grams of fenugreek in a regular manner showed noteworthy development in their blood sugar level. A typical dose of fenugreek is usually 5-30 grams with every meal or you can take 15-90 grams with one major meal on daily basis.

4.Ginseng is a known herb for lowering the glucose level in the blood. This popular Chinese herb is widely used for treating diabetes. The Asian counter part has also earned a good name in enhancing the insulin receptors and reducing the sugar level in the blood.

Ginseng has rich immune boosting and illness fighting components. Research reveals that ginseng has the ability to slow down the carbohydrate absorption and increases the ability of the cell to utilize the glucose and in turn enhances the insulin secretion.

5.Magnesium deficiency is highly prevalent among the diabetic patients. The deficiency can lead to an increased level of blood glucose and the patient can suffer from insulin resistance. Many studies recommend that the magnesium supplements may enhance the functioning of insulin production resulting in lowering the glucose level in the blood.

There you have the five most important supplements that will make living with diabetes so much easier. I know for a fact as an example, that bitter melon has been used solely as the therapy of choice, successfully, I must say. So look at the list carefully and learn for yourself the therapeutic properties of those five herbs for diabetes.

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Herbs for Diabetes Can Help Herbs for diabetes that are carefully chosen and dietary supplements can aid in diabetes prevention and in glucose control for those who have already been diagnosed. In combination with lifestyle changes, their use may lead to the reduction or even elimination of medication. In addition, they help prevent organ and tissue damage which could be the result of blood sugar levels that are not under control. And so can a healthy breakfast help:
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