Health Booster - Go Outside To Feel How It Is Done    

Health booster, just go outside and instantly you feel the physiological effects of being out in the sun.  Hear the birds singing and feel the warmth of the sun and instantly you feel better.  There is increased immune activity and the effort is less than walking on the treadmill.  There are ways research has proven this.

In a Scotland study, researchers found that those who walked through the woods regard their to-do list more manageable than those who walked on the city streets.

Researchers in Norway found that those who suffer from moderate-severe depression got better after 12 weeks of participating in a horticultural program.  Even gardening is such a body booster.

Columbia University researchers found that after breathing negative ions (there are plenty near waterfalls, river rapids and breaking waves) improved their energy levels.  Talk about energy boosters.

A study in South Korea found that looking at images of forests, mountains and the like make one more balanced and happy. 

The Japanese knew that a walk in the woods or forest bathing does wonderful things for the body, even increasing by almost 50% the activity of the cancer-fighting blood cells.

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