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November 21, 2012

Here's an alert that Frank Fox sent me: 

Just for a small alert. I was put on Novarapid & levimer insulin a few months ago.  I have been having bad fits of loss of feelings and bad cramps.  Also intermittently I have had bad eye sight and severe headaches.  When I was on Levimer, I started with a low dose but the pain was intense. 

When my sugar level was high, it felt like an old operation and injury scars had just happened.  The pain was unbearable as if the operation was just being done.  In fact, compared to the pain I experienced, the operation was comfortable.  It was as if the operation was done without anesthesia.  The feeling was the same with the old scars from injuries I sustained before.  I became so sensitive it was unreal.

I have got a very high pain barrier and I heal very well for a long term diabetic type 1 for 44 years now so I do not understand why this happened to me.

I changed back to a bovine insulin three days ago and I am already feeling fine.

Here is something else you may wish to post on the site: Experts warn over diabetes drug axe - AOL News

He wrote to me again to say that he is now back to normal again with none of those symptoms affecting him. So he feels it is conclusive that it was the new insulin that is making him feel normal.


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Health_help will be of assistance in answering your questions. Here's an example: Someone asked: Can diabetes be cured? Here's the answer: Some type 1 diabetics who underwent pancreas transplant no longer need insulin and some who had cell transplants still have a need for it.

Also some doctors reported success among severely obese type 2 diabetics who went through bariatric surgery. In addition, researchers are working on potential cures with stem cells, gene therapy and other biotechnology.

2. Is it possible change over from Insulin Injection to oral diabetic drugs?

We did some research on your question and found out that the usual switch is from oral medication to insulin and not the other way around.  For diabetes patients, switching from oral medication to insulin detemir might cause another change in daily routines or habits.

However, health is of primary importance and should be followed once prescribed.  The same thing will have to be followed under supervision of the doctor when switching from insulin to oral medication.  Any change should be made cautiously and only under medical supervision.

Here's the conclusion in one study we researched.  Insulin 70/30 mix plus metformin was as effective as triple oral therapy in lowering A1C and FPG values. The triple oral regimen was not as cost effective, and a high percentage of subjects (total of 16.3%) did not complete this regimen due to lack of efficacy or side effects.

Because many subjects have a fear of needles that may affect compliance with insulin therapy, oral therapy (often using combinations) has been the most frequently prescribed treatment approach for type 2 diabetes.

Such regimens are rational because diabetes is a disease affecting multiple systems. Furthermore, whereas monotherapy has been shown on average to lower A1C by 1–2%, glycemic effects appear to be additive when oral drugs are used in combination therapy.

A patient treated with three oral drugs is subjected to an additive risk of adverse events, and dose adjustments may become complex. In addition, there are the cost considerations of adding a second or third class of oral antidiabetic drug to a therapeutic regimen.

Where insulin therapy is instituted, the addition of metformin to insulin therapy has been shown to result in significant decreases in fasting plasma glucose (FPG) and A1C values, as well as reduced insulin requirements. The failure of triple oral therapy to improve A1C values occurred more frequently than with insulin.

If it is fear of the needles, try the 24 hour type, only one shot and check with the doctor if you have to keep taking the oral meds besides.  Someone said there is always an option to go back to other medication from insulin therapy, PROVIDED the doctor agrees that the condition has improved for whatever reason. I have heard/read of some cases (although rare) of people being able to beat diabetes altogether by pursuing a healthier lifestyle through diet control and exercise.

One has to speak with the doctor in reference to insulin and the possibility of resuming oral meds.   But the medicine is always changing and people have different reaction to any treatment regimen.

These are only information. We regret we can't give medical advice or answer individual questions through email but we hope you will find answers within our site. Email by its nature may not be a secure and private communication since it is sent over the Internet. If you think you have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 right away. Refresh Health_Help

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