Flu Shot Cost High But Should the Diabetics Get It? 

Flu shot cost may be preventing the diabetics from getting one.  Doctors tell them to get the flu shot and it is as easy as going to Walgreens or CVS but then you have to pay $30 for it.  So why is it not free or almost free when it has been around for a long time?  The Centers for Disease Control explains it this way.

The process to manufacture and distribute the flu shot is difficult for the companies that make them.  First, they have to make new ones as the supply for the previous years has been discarded as they cannot be used for the next year.  Then the researchers have to find out which strains to use by checking out the flu types that were prevalent in the south during their winter season. 

Then they have to approximate how much to manufacture because the used vaccine will only be thrown out.  The problem is that if they manufacture fewer than what would be needed, it will result in a shortage.  And we know what happens in case like this.  There will be panic and perhaps pandemonium all over the place.  That is why the flu shot cost higher than it should be.

The question remains.  Should diabetics get a flu shot?  One will decide affirmatively  knowing that the symptoms include muscle pain, fever and chills, headache, fatigue and weakness and sore throat.  These and the 1918 Spanish flu that killed millions of people may make people decide positively despite the flu shot cost.  Usually flu kills the very old and the very young.  Not that Spanish flu for that virus strains attacked young adults. 

To take or not to take the flu vaccine, that is the question for this is a controversial issue at least for the naturopaths.  These people believe that employing the correct homeopathic remedies or herbs to supplement the diet will help one avoid taking the flu shot that cost high.  The CDC reported that 60% of those who got the flu shot did not have to the doctor's office with the flu symptoms and get rid of their stuffy nose.

Dr. Katz who has diabetes said he got the flu from his patients in 2008 and 2009 so he got himself vaccinated in 2010 and for the last two years he never caught the influenza bug.  The main reason why he decided to get vaccinated is because he has diabetes.  He said that this means that his ability to battle the flu is weak.

Dr. Henderson is of the opinion that boosting the immune system with a healthy diet and enough rest and sleep along with alcohol in moderation will help raise the immune function.  Vitamins and supplements  will also help like Vitamins C and D.  So can avoiding sedentary lifestyles, injury, stress from jobs and sports. 

As practitioner of Chinese Medicine, Njemile uses acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas among others to keep the flu from taking hold of the immune system.  The herbal formulas shaped hundreds of years ago can help boost the immune system worn-out from stress, poor diet and insufficient sleep.  There you have the pros and cons, what do you think?

Refresh Flu Shot Cost High But Should the Diabetics Get It?

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