Erectile Dysfunction, Cause and Effect Plus Treatment


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Erectile dysfunction's cause can be unearthed through another test. This involves the injection of drugs to the penis in such a way that it does not go through the penile nerves. If this results in an erection then the damage to the blood vessels is not the cause. The opposite is true of course if the erection of the penis fails to materialize. There may be damage to the blood vessels then.

There are also psychological factors like depression that can be considered as the culprit behind this condition. Finding out why it happens can sometimes be difficult but some of the things that could explain the occurrence of ED and impotency are as follows:

  • Marital discord
  • Performance anxiety
  • Disagreement over sexual preference
  • Being sexually abused as a child
  • Fear of getting pregnant
  • Fear of contracting sexually transmitted diseases

Sexual desires start in the brain which sends signal through the blood vessel to set off the erection. The testosterone also plays a role in sexual desire. That said, there are things one can do to reduce the risk to develop erectile dysfunction:

  • Keep the blood sugar level as close to normal as possible.
  • Decrease the consumption of alcohol.
  • Keep the blood pressure level as close to normal as possible.
  • Quit smoking.


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How is ED treated? Several options come to mind. You will have to choose what is best for you and your partner. Some drugs are available like Viagra and Levitra. They both help stimulate and maintain the erection half an hour to an hour after taking it.

Cialis can also help but is effective for 36 hours so ask your health care team which is the best for you. There are other ways to help with this challenge. One is in the form of an injection directly into the penis that stimulates erection that lasts for half an hour to one hour.

There are side effects however, including scarring, bruising, prolonged erection and could result in curvature that is permanent during erection. There is also something they call muse which is a form of suppository that could be inserted at the tip of the penis.

Another way to deal with this challenge is to use a vacuum pump to help trigger an erection. Then there is also penile prosthesis which is a kind of device implanted surgically to the penis but ask for help even if the health care team does not introduce the topic.

However, if ED stays longer than two months or is recurring, you will have to get some help. You should see your family physician for a complete physical examination and laboratory investigations to rule out many medical conditions that can cause this problem.


A Crash Course in Diabetes for Men

Here's a crash course in diabetes for men. On the basis of men needing more information to understand how to be healthy, they put up six simple facts to convince them to take care of their health. Here they are:

  • Diabetes will make one less of a man. Testosterone deficiency is common among men with diabetes.
  • It might well blind one and snatch a limb as well.
  • It will probably mess with the mind. Studies reveal that diabetics have a higher risk to develop depression.
  • There's a good chance it will kill. Those with diabetes have two or more times higher rate to develop heart disease.
  • There are some ways to prevent diabetes. There's a lot that one can do to avoid the symptoms. The most important is to keep the blood glucose levels under control by eating healthy and exercising.
  • Monitoring oneself is key. See a doctor regularly for checks of the glucose and cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Complications of diabetes are preventable.

All the above should be enough to convince any man to look after his diabetes.

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Erectile Dysfunction, Take an Active Role
Erectile dysfunction is common among diabetic men. They are three more times more liable to develop ED. It can leave them frustrated and depressed so take an active role in preventing or treating it. For some it can be embarrassing but don't let this get in your way. The diabetes care team can help prevent this and/or treat it so it won't get in the way of your life.

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The conditions that may lead to this problem are diabetes mellitus, adrenal and thyroid conditions, alcoholism and prescribed medications to say a few.

It now appears that strict adherence to diabetic control such as following a prescribed diet by your dietician, regular physical exercise like walking, playing golf or dancing, etc as approved by your family doctor and the use of medication, if required, may lessen the incidence of erectile dysfunction, a known complication of diabetes mellitus.

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Erectile Dysfunction

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