What Do You Do When the Doctor Won't Tell What You Need To Do

It's frustrating when you can't talk directly to your doctor or if he won't tell you what to do.  This communication challenge you have with your doctor is what you don't need when you are dealing with diabetes.  You want a straight forward answer from your doctor to the questions you ask him.

You want to share in the decision about your health care but you also want your doctor to give you the direction he recommends.  He is the expert after all.  After he recommends the options to take, then you can make your choice as to which treatment option is best for you.

There are ways to deal with this problem:

1.  Understand your doctor's position.  He may have a reason for leaving the decision up to you.  Ask him to explain his and your role in whatever decision you come up with.

2.  Be honest with the doctor and tell him you are uncomfortable when he asked you to make a decision.

3.  To avoid misunderstanding what your doctor tells you, get him to clarify what he wants.  Say, "this seems like it is my decision alone.  Is that assumption of mine correct?"

4.  Don't make something you're unsure of into a big disaster.  I know everything is overwhelming but take a deep breath and think options are fine because you have more ways to treat your condition.  

5.  Find out how urgent the decision is.  Ask when you need to start the treatment and how much time you have to assess which is the best option for you.

6.  Tell the doctor if he would explain further the treatment options like what is involved in each.  If he is busy, ask if there is someone else in the office who can walk you through the options.

7.  This may be a good opportunity not to have regrets later.  Having to think of your options now will give you the chance to select the best treatment for you.

8.  Ask the doctor what he would do if he were in your shoes.  This may make him explain more the recommended options.

9.  If you are having real doctor problems with this, get a second opinion.

10.  Do your own research.  There are a lot of resources around that can help you better understand what to do.

11.  On your next visit, bring a summary of what you have learned and a list of questions.

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