Diabetic Foot Neuropathy - Part 1 of The Diabetic Companion on Neuropathy, a Primer


Diabetic foot neuropathy, what is it? It is a form of peripheral neuropathy which is the most frequent form of diabetic nerve damage that causes pain and numbness or burning to the hands and feet. Peripheral nerves are the long nerves that extend from the brain to the legs and arms. So neuropathy refers to a disorder of the peripheral nerves.

Often the pain is described as burning or tingling. High blood glucose damages these nerves and the symptoms that usually come are tingling in the feet and severe pains. Loss of sensation may eventually develop in the legs and feet putting one at risk for foot problems like infections and foot ulcers. Approximately half of the people who have diabetes have diabetic neuropathy which is nerve damage caused by diabetes.


The symptoms of peripheral neuropathy can improve with time especially if it is caused by a condition that can be treated. To reduce the pain of the diabetic foot, there are medications and tools that can be used like the Rebuilder 300 - Neuropathy Treatment . We feel though it is better to get all the information first and so decided to write this primer and start with the definition of the condition.

Definition of the peripheral neuropathy is only the start. There will be more issues on this topic that we will cover like the different types, symptoms, causes, health care team, prevention, risks, complications, management, treatment, where to get help or advice, tests and diagnosis, alternative medicine and natural cures and home remedies and lifestyle changes.

A common complication of diabetes, diabetic neuropathy is damage to the nerves that enable us to feel sensations like pain. There are different ways this happens but they all appear to be related to high blood glucose that has been going on for sometime.

There are four types of diabetic neuropathy but we will concern ourselves with peripheral neuropathy because that is what we are getting quite a few people asking questions on how to deal with it. The nerve damage can be painful but the pain is not severe in some cases. Besides peripheral, the other types are proximal, autonomic and focal.

Proximal neuropathy causes pain in the hips, thighs and buttocks which could lead to weakness in the legs while autonomic neuropathy causes alterations to the bladder and bowel function, digestion, sexual reaction and to the nerves that affect the heart, blood pressure, eyes and lungs. It can also cause people not to be aware of hypoglycemia. Focal neuropathy causes sudden weakness in any nerve.

We have only so far covered the definition and types of neuropathy. As mentioned before, we will concern ourselves with peripheral neuropathy. We only gave the definition of the different types to differentiate them from what we want to cover in this primer.

Next time we will cover the causes and symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. We are hoping we will have time to finish this primer because we feel that there is a need for it as evidenced by all the questions sent to us by our readers. Our aim is to gather all the information about this subject so we can have one central reference for all problems about the diabetic foot.

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