Diabetic Diet Secrets You Should Know for Optimal Glucose Control


Diabetic Diet Secrets is a layman's guide to help control your blood sugar with diet. This book's author is none other than Toma Grubb who is just like you and me who struggled with the roller coaster ride of the blood sugar level. His personal story on how he dealt with his diabetes is heart-wrenching to say the least.

Among the things Diabetic Diet Secrets will teach you are the value of omega 3, glycemic index along with its list of foods, how to balance the ratio among protein, carbohydrate and fat. As for fat, he explained the differences between the good and the bad. Then he has a list of foods that will help reduce the blood sugar level.

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All this information helped him go from near death to restored health with normal blood sugar level without having to take medication. I think every diabetic who reads this book will benefit from it. The ten things to do for better health that Toma explained are worth their weight in gold.

Then there is the chapter on increasing the fiber intake for better health. The fiber anyway should be a part of every meal. It will not be difficult to have fiber for every meal as its sources are readily available. Just add strawberries or raspberries for breakfast, for instance.

To have more fiber for lunch, a legume-based soup is the answer. For dinner? Start it with raw vegetable salad. And if you must sauté the vegetables, just do it with olive oil, onions and garlic. You think you will get away with fiber-free snacks? No way because to add fiber, you just pack small bags of nuts with wholesome walnuts, pistachios and almonds. Or eat a fruit like a banana, an orange or an apple.

You see, this is just one thing how Toma’s book affected me. It has wanted me to write what I have to do from what I gathered from his book. There is also a chapter on water and rightly so. You will be surprised at the number of benefits for water which he listed down in his book.

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Both sodium and potassium are properly dealt with. So is the adequate amount of vitamins. You will know exactly what vitamins to take and how much. And as if this is not enough, Toma has specific recommendations for type 2 diabetics.

The problem as to whether to drink or not to drink is also a part of this ebook where you will find the answers you have been wanting to know. As for sweeteners, there is no other place where you can find an exhaustive information on this issue. Cinnamon and its benefit for the diabetic is also there for you to read.

He has some suggestions there on things that helped him normalize his blood sugar level but I will let him tell you all about them. You will see that he did not leave any stone unturned. After reading this, you will be motivated to keep your blood sugar level under control with the help of Toma' s Diabetic Diet Secrets.

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