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Diabetic coma_2 discussion will deal with complications, treatments and drugs and questions you want answered. The main complication of this condition occurs when it is left without treatment. When this happens a permanent brain damage can be the result. It can even be fatal.

The emergency treatment will depend on the person's blood sugar level. If it is too high, or hyperglycemic coma, intravenous fluids will be ordered by the doctor to reinstate the water to the tissues. There may be a need for chlorine, and to administer potassium and sodium supplements or electrolytes to help the proper functioning of the cells. Insulin may also be required.

It is only after adequate fluid has been restored that insulin which is short-acting can be used to help the tissues take in glucose again. Treatment of any infections will also be done at this point. The goal is to stabilize the body functioning to a normal level.


It is a different ball game for a diabetic coma_2 with a blood glucose reading that is too low or suffering from hypoglycemic coma. The treatment option for this is to inject the hormone called glucagon which will force the liver to deliver the glucose into the blood stream.

A medical personnel or a trained layman can inject glucagon to treat severe hypoglycemia. It is clear that the one having the diabetic coma_2 will not be able to inject himself so if this is prescribed as part of a sick day plan, people in daily contact should be trained to administer the injection before the emergency happens.

The injection will make it possible for the blood glucose level to go up quickly. As soon as the normal level is reached, consciousness should return and everyone should be able to breathe easier. Intravenous glucose may also be needed.

The family and friends will have to know what steps to take when the person remains unconscious. Organizations have put forth steps to follow in this case but check with the doctor what to do before this happens. Usually, the things to remember are as follows:

  • Phone 911 or some other emergency number.
  • While waiting for the ambulance, do what the operator tells you to do.
  • The unconscious person should not be given any drink or food.
  • Neither should the unconscious person be given any medications without medical personnel's instruction.

The main purpose for the medical care is to reduce possible brain damage. A ventilator may be required to help the patient breathe. He will be closely monitored to make sure the tendons, ligaments and muscles stay flexible. In addition the patient should get enough food and that he does not develop any infection.

The focus now is to prevent brain damage due to diabetic coma_2. Research has shown that pyruvate can reduce brain injury but there is a need for more research to warrant use of this on humans. Pyruvate is a derivative of sugar metabolism.

Problems can be avoided if we look ahead and ask questions. Here are some that could mitigate possible situations:

  • What is the risk for me or my family to have this condition?
  • What can I do to prevent this from happening?
  • What signs should I watch for?
  • How is this condition treated?
  • Can you work out a sick-day plan?
  • What should my emergency kit include?
  • Who should know about this emergency?
  • Does anyone need to be trained to give me glucagon?
  • What blood glucose reading should make me call you?
  • Is there anything else I have to know about this?

There you have all you need to be aware of to face any emergency situation, be it for yourself or for a member of the family or a friend. Remember to act on all the recommendations so everything will be ready before the arrival of the emergency called diabetic coma_2.

There you have all you need to be aware of to face any emergency situation, be it for yourself or for a member of the family or a friend. Remember to act on all the recommendations so everything will be ready before the arrival of the emergency called diabetic coma_2.

Diabetic Coma Treatment

Diabetic coma treatment depends on whether it is due to low or high blood sugar. Mind you if the glucose level is maintained within target level, this may not happen. There is a new treatment that is purporting to correct the self-healing powers to win the battle to stop diabetes and its complications.

It is claiming to be more effective than the conventional treatment because it is based on the findings of modern science called Bioenergetics. I will have to study this further before I can report on it with certainty.

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