Diabetes Tips You Can Follow Today For a Healthier Tomorrow


Diabetes tips, what are they good for? People can benefit a lot from the ways to manage diabetes that were largely unknown ten years ago. So it is therefore important to keep track of tips that will help one with self-care for this is one condition where someone has to take care of himself.

Diabetes tips are important as in the case of emergencies, for example. We have to be ready for them for wherever we live, there is a chance that something could happen that will disturb our routine.

It could be a winter storm, a tornado, an earthquake, a hurricane or forest fires, we just have to be prepared for any eventuality so it is a wise move to keep abreast of any tips that may help us.

More often people know of these tips already but reminders will help. Pick ones that pertain to you. We will therefore showcase some at least once a week and more often if possible, that's how important this issue is.

New Diabetes Tips

New Health Reform - The Good News

Diabetes will no longer be an excuse for one to be denied health coverage. Neither can anyone charge excessive fees or not give care when needed. Even the pre-diabetic people will benefit from this. Be aware though of any other change people who want money may put in there. So be aware of any change that may happen in the months ahead.

Know Your Numbers (Number 10 Health Tip for 2010)

Numbers for what? Well, for type 2 diabetes, that's what. Be certain you, your family and friends are not at risk for this condition. It is so much easier to experiment on the healthy foods to eat and exercise than to deal with a full-blown condition and any complications that may come along. A fasting blood glucose test can easily find out if your blood sugar levels are higher than normal.

Once you have diabetes, know your numbers for blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Find out more from http://www.diabetes.ca . Also, yours and my website has information on numbers we should all keep track.

Get Screened (Number 9 Health Tip for 2010)

Some people do not want to be screened because they fear what the outcome will be. What they neglect to bring to the equation is the fact that many illnesses can be cured if found early. Here are some screening tests (they are mixed for men and women so don't ask for a pap smear if you are a man. You will not like it, I swear.) you should ask your doctor:

  • Smokers should ask their doctor about early screen tests for lung cancer or COPD. Find out more from www.cancer.ca .
  • Women should also ask their doctor for a mammography to check out breast cancer.
  • Women should also ask for a pap smear test to check for cervical cancer.
  • The PSA for men tests for prostate.
  • The colonoscopy will test for colon cancer.


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Lift Weights (Number 8 Health Tip for 2010)

Lifting weights is not for you? Well, think again. If you want to keep looking young, this is the answer to your prayers. Many have beautiful arms because they do some weight lifting. And they do not have to do the heavy stuff. A pair of five-pounder each of dumbbells will do the trick.

Know that old age creeps up on us when we are not looking. Long before this, muscle loss starts so indulge in some weight training. It will improve not only coordination but balance as well. And I will let you in on a secret. It increased my bone density without having to take medication.

I fell down in front of the library once, a bad fall it was because I was left black and blue and all bruised up, but I never broke any part of my body. Thank you dumbbells, for making me the living proof of the value of weight lifting in preventing fractures.

Why they call them dumbbells, I will never know. Oh, well I can probably find out why if I dig hard enough but I'd rather use my time for more constructive activities. I will just start calling them smart bells. It's my way of protesting against this injustice.

Here's another additional tip. Did you know that they are contemplating on a bill that would put calories on menus? This would certainly help maintain healthier eating habits. Certainly, it is a giant leap for mankind in the fight against the obesity epidemic.

Take a Walk (Number 7 Health Tip for 2010)

Walking is the best antidote for bad health so make your fitness goals and plan on reaching them. You may even go on a run or a marathon. I know I will never make it at the Boston Marathon, but there is always a way to have one closer to home and one that is less competitive. Go on a five kilometer walk at first, then graduate to a ten kilometer walk and before you know it, you will become a champion.

Have a Heart (Number 6 Health Tip for 2010)

Diabetics have a high risk to develop heart disease, but it does not have to be this high. They can lower the risk by moving more or exercising more, eating less bad fats, and making sure both blood pressure and cholesterol levels are under control. Make sure the doctor checks these last two. There's more information at www.heartandstroke.ca..and at yours and my website at diabetes guidelines.

Wash Your Hands (Number 5 Health Tip for 2010)

During flu season and with any other threats like the H1N1, posters are everywhere showing us how to wash our hands. (as if we didn't know how, hopefully we don't develop OCD in the process) Joking aside, washing our hands is our first line of defense against all those viruses around us but we have to do it correctly. So go to www.phac-aspc.gc.ca for tips. This way we can help one another stop the spread of those communicable diseases.

Keep Gums and Teeth Healthy (Number 4 Health Tip for 2010)

You can keep smiling even though your heart is breaking and be able to move on if you take good care of your eyes. Again for Canadians on how to do this, check out http://www.cnib.ca.Also read it at our website (yours, mine and ours which I consider our website also yours because I do it for you more than for anything or anybody else.)

Sorry to digress but please keep your teeth and gums healthy. Make sure you visit your doctor as often as needed. Information on oral health for Canadians are available at http://www.cda-adc.ca. Check it out also at our website at: Keeping Teeth and Gums Healthy

Get Your Shots (Number 3 Health Tip for 2010)

You are getting your shots, are you not? If not. then go to your doctor to find out what you need because it is not only the yearly flu shots that we should get. There is also a schedule for immunization for adults that will say when to get booster shots for diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, and polio.

If you are at high risk for shingles, hepatitis A and B, pneumococcal disease and meningitis, there are vaccines available for Canadians. See www.phac-aspc.gc.ca I do not know the information for other countries but I will try to find out. Or you can ask your health authorities.

Take Vitamin D (Number 2 Health Tip for 2010)

They say that taking this essential vitamin lowers the risk for MS, fractures, several cancers, asthma, some cardiovascular disease and autoimmune illnesses. Cancer societies are advising that we think about taking 1000 IU in supplemental form a day.

I am one to talk because I do not take vitamin D yet, because I am fortunate to be able to follow the sun in the winter and move closer to the equator. You see if you live at latitudes at over 40 degrees north, the skin cannot produce enough vitamin D in the winter.

Waist Not, Want Not? (Number 1 Health Tip for 2010)

Got you there, didn't I? You thought I made mistake spelling "waste" but let me explain that. It is not a mistake because I really mean about the waist. It is a health tip to watch your waist because higher waist measurements show a high risk for diabetes and blood pressure as well as for heart disease. What waist measurement you have to aim for? For women, try to have a waist size of less than 88 cm (35 inches) and for men, less than 102 cm or (40 inches).

How to Manage Your Diabetes- Tip# 2

Tip# 2 Get blood tests. Here are the blood tests you may need:

* A1C - The result of this blood test will show how well the blood glucose levels are under control. This number is also known as your "diabetes number" and should be taken every three to six months. The score, ideally, should be less than 7.

* Creatinine - This chemical is found in the urine or in the blood. It is important to have this checked once a year as it will measure the kidney function. Diabetes is known to wreck havoc on the kidneys and we want to know when this has started to happen before more damage is done.

* Cholesterol - The diabetics have a high risk to develop heart disease so we want to keep the cholesterol level low. The bad cholesterol, which is also known as LDL, should be checked every year for obvious reason and should be less than 100. Consult with the doctor to see if you have to take medication to lower your cholesterol level.

It is important to have the diabetes under control so these tips on managing this condition we will feature in weekly or so sections but if you want to get them all at once, today is the last day to sign up for free at the top of the page for tips and alert this week only and then you will get them all at once after the seven days for signing up are over, instead of waiting for the next How to Manage Diabetes every week or so.

How to Manage Your Diabetes- Tip# 1

Diabetes statistics in twenty-five years will be nearly twice as much as we have now. And the cost will almost triple. This is according to the study conducted by the University of Chicago and it was published in Diabetes Care. Since diabetes affects every part of the body from the circulation, nerves, vision, heart, kidneys and brain, I am taking it upon myself, to write about diabetes management in the tip section of our website.

Meantime, discuss with your doctor which interventions and tests you may need which will be the topic of the next tip on How to Manage Your Diabetes.

Are Supplements Good for Diabetes?

It would be nice if there were a magic pill that would lower the blood sugar, blood pressure, triglycerides and cholesterol levels. The scientists are hard at work at this showing some different degrees of success. Your doctor might be able to find one for you but don't take anything without his advice as supplements are not regulated and may work against some medications so be careful in monitoring your body's reaction to any supplements you take.

Choose Snacks Wisely

When selecting snacks, choose wisely those that will not keep you into trouble regarding your nutritional goals. Low-fat mozzarella cheese has moderate fat and is low in carbs. Here are some more healthy choices for snacking: low-fat and whole-grain crackers, five or six of the semisweet dark chocolate chips, granola bars that contain no less than 5 grams of fiber and no more than 150 calories per bar, nuts in moderation, low-fat and whole-grain crackers, pre-sliced and pre-washed carrot sticks or a box of raisins.

Restaurant Tips

If you are like me, you love eating in restaurants which should be a relaxing experience but let us accept the fact there are temptations. Here are some tips to make eating out an adventure:

  • Call before you go to find out the items in the menu and how the food is prepared. Talk to the chef who may be happy to accommodate your request.
  • Find out from the server if you can substitute the items.
  • Practise saying, "No, thank you."
  • Request for a child's portion or half-portion. If this is not possible, eat half of the plate and get the server to pack up the other half for you to eat in the next meal.
  • Some restaurants have nutritional information which you can analyze.
  • Share a dessert with everyone at the table or order a fruit with no-sugar whipped cream.

Taking Care of the Littlest Patients

Parents who have diabetic babies should watch out for the following symptoms:

  • Diaper rash that recurs and does not heal quickly.
  • Excessive hunger or thirst.
  • Diapers are excessively wet.
  • Sleeping more often
  • Irritability

Priority Group to Get the H1N1 Vaccine

Dr. Schuchat made recommendations to physicians on how to handle flu cases among the diabetics. They account for 12% of all flu admittance to the hospital to date. In fact, one of four is admitted to the unit receiving intensive care. Because of the increased risk of severe flu, it can be difficult for them to manage their blood glucose.

The diabetics therefore belong to the priority group to get the H1N1 vaccine by injection and not the nasal spray. In addition, those who have signs of respiratory illness should get the viral medicine Tamiflu and not wait till they have the flu. Make certain also that they are vaccinated against pneumonia and other related infections. Please check with your doctor.

The Diabetes Diet

There are a lot of healthy food selections for the diabetics. This is the good news and the fact is that it is not as bad as some people might think. The bad news? There is no bad news. Just eat in moderation which is the healthy and satisfying way. I eat so much at buffets that I feel uncomfortable at the end so what's the point?

Can a Vegan Diet Cure Diabetes?

I just have to tell you about this. This lady who has a family history of diabetes with an uncle who lost a leg to it, an aunt who is on a four-hour dialysis three times a week and a mother who has to inject herself with insulin to survive, received a diagnosis that she herself has diabetes. She was prescribed three drugs that she refused to take. Instead she went on a vegan diet and after a year she went back to her doctor who was so surprised because she no longer has diabetes!

Should Diabetics Get a Seasonal Flu Shot and an H1N1 Flu Shot?

The answer to this question from the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health is a resounding yes. Most people recover from the flu without a problem but the diabetics have a higher risk for complications. The flu may cause one to raise the blood sugar level and to eat irregularly thus making it even go higher. Diabetes can also make the immune system vulnerable to flu that is so severe one has to be hospitalized.

Tips on Restaurant Eating

Do you eat out in restaurants every day like I do? Well, if we are not careful this could be hazardous to our health. It is difficult to avoid it because ten years ago, we developed this habit; it's called eating out. Have no fear though for there are some tips to follow.

First tip is to avoid going to buffets for the large portions we consume here so be careful where you eat. Then order better like avoiding fried foods and getting a salad along with the entree. Be creative in ordering like having soup, salad and appetizer instead of a large entree will do.

Be friends with the waiter as he will help you with the right choice but be careful going Mexican, Chinese or Italian for that is a new ballgame. I will give you tips for them too. Why not sign up for alerts and tips on top of almost every page of this website as you will get more tips there that may not land here?

Natural Cures for Diabetes, An Update

Some practitioners have recommended the use of herbal supplements in the treatment of diabetes. Foremost of this is the bitter melon the chemical structure of which is similar to insulin secreted by the pancreas. In order for this to work, the patients have to give up their consumption of highly processed junk foods.

Instead cultivate a taste for natural alternative by consuming nuts, grains, avocados and dark green leafy vegetables. These are rich in Magnesium and those who consume these are less likely to develop diabetes. They are also helpful in maintaining the blood glucose target.

The bitter melon belongs to the free diabetic supplies group. Programs both from government and private sectors help with the expenses on health care. The diabetics and their caregivers are urged to study the provisions in publications about Medicare so they can get free diabetic supplies

Natural cure for diabetes through vitamin is popular in controlling the condition. Some that have played a role as diabetes cures are vitamins A, B-complex, B6, B12 and C. When diabetes is diagnosed early, these vitamins will help control the damage to the other organs.

Ginger for Health

Ginger is a flavor enhancer, at least among the Asian Chefs. It is used in all kinds of recipes from soups to dessert, believe it or not. It is known to help lower inflammation as well as blood pressure and relieve nausea. Some even go further to say that a clove of garlic a day keeps health troubles away. Not that we want to knock apple off its place but according to garlic grower Lloyd Hubbard, "Garlic is a natural antibiotic and detoxifier. In addition, it can purify the blood naturally and lower blood cholesterol."

It is supposed to soothe rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Adding about 1/4 inch slice of fresh ginger to food each day may do the trick. Ask your health care team about dosage if you want to use ginger chews. Someday, when I get the time, I will write a whole page on ginger because it does not seem to give it justice to write a couple of paragraphs on it.

How to Increase Omega 3s Consumption in Your Diet

Omega 3 is supposed to fight fat, clear skin and boost brain power so some want to increase its consumption. So how do we increase our intake of Omega-3? It is by eating more cold water fish like salmon and mackerel.

But if you are on a plant-based diet, the best way is consuming flax seeds. They are the richest source of alpha-linolenic acid. Eating whole flax seeds instead of flax seed oil provide minerals, protein and fiber. You can also put them in a blender for a few seconds or mash them.

Improvement in Patient Care For Those With Peripheral Arterial Disease

There is a petition by the Peripheral Arterial Disease Coalition to urge the president and the Congress to boost the evidence-based health care for the diabetics with PAD. These patients have clogged arteries in their legs and this is an alert that other arteries to the brain and the heart are also clogged and this increases the risk for stroke and heart attack, not to mention the pain in walking, amputation and low quality of life.

The system pays for amputation and heart attack at the time of writing but for the life of me I cannot understand why they won't pay for a test to diagnose PAD so I am going to sign every petition that comes my way and I might even start one myself. Ask your doctor if you qualify to have the ankle-brachial index (ABI) test, to diagnose PAD so that you can start working on the strategies to lower the risk for all those nasty stuff, including having to use a wheelchair.


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Herbs that Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Among these are lavender, St. John's Wort, Kava kava, passion flower and licorice. But don't start taking all these without consulting with your physician as some may interact negatively with the medication you are taking. In fact, what could work better than anything else is meditation and yoga.

Quit smoking for this leads to poor circulation and heart disease to which diabetics are at high risk.

You will learn a lot from a diabetes educator how to do self-care.

Examine the feet for blisters, cuts, and swellings and see the doctor as soon as you have sores that do not heal.

If you have not done so yet, subscribe for free to the newsletter entitled "Diabetes Positive Approach" which will arrive at your email inbox once a month.

Give salad a makeover with a healthy and tasty tip. Use oil and vinegar instead of Ranch dressing. This gives protection against cancer and helps manage blood glucose level. Scientists found that those who consume vinegar regularly had healthier blood glucose level.

Are All Calories the Same?

Some people say that a calorie is a calorie and that it does not matter whether it is from a salad or from ice cream. But really they are different, nutrition-wise. Salad has lots of nutrients like vitamins and fiber calories whereas the calories from ice cream are mostly fat and sugar calories

UT Southwestern Physicians Bust Myths About Insulin

Type 2 diabetics often do not want to take insulin because they are afraid to gain weight, see the decline in their quality of life and develop low blood glucose. Researchers from University of Utah found this untrue and that both patients and doctors should regard insulin as a front-line defense. They found that those who received insulin at the start right after diagnosis did just as well if not better than the type 2 diabetics who did not receive it. It is the physician's responsibility therefore to teach their patients that this is just a myth.

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