Diabetes Testing to Aid with the Diagnosis

Diabetes testing is a must-do if we are to take things seriously. For look at what could happen if we don't take care of this. The beta cells will continue to decline no matter what we do. And with continued decline, the remaining beta cells will not be able to produce enough insulin to keep us going.

One diabetes testing the doctor might recommend is the oral glucose tolerance test. However, before you take this, ask if it is definitely necessary. Why? Because it is not a pleasant test and is very costly. Anyway, the American Diabetes Association thinks the fasting plasma glucose tolerance assessment is enough.

How is this oral glucose diabetes testing done? After fasting overnight, the doctor takes a blood sample and then will tell you to drink about 75 grams of glucose. Can you see now how unpleasant this could be? Your blood will then be tested at different periods, five times within three hours to determine the glucose levels.

With this diabetes testing, a person who has no diabetes will show the rise of the level due to the glucose but it will quickly fall because of the insulin. The person with diabetes will not have the glucose level fall that quickly, revealing the story that there's lack of insulin or not enough of it.

Here's another diabetes testing that's not a routine part of the diagnosis. The C-peptide test is conducted to find out the type of diabetes one has. How do they determine this? Well, a person with Type 1 will show no insulin whereas the one with Type 2 will show normal or above normal range indicating there's too much insulin.

This diabetes testing will give the information that when the insulin is produced in the pancreas, it becomes a large protein that is divided into two - the insulin and C-peptide (so called because it is shaped like a C). The insulin does not stay long but the C-peptide does. That's why this is a way of finding out how much insulin is produced by the pancreas.

This is especially helpful for people who have to inject insulin which fact makes their result inaccurate with regular examination. The C-peptide test will therefore give a more accurate indication of how much insulin the pancreas are producing. But remember the range they use differ in different laboratories so ask what these ranges are.

Therefore, be aware that this type of diabetes testing is available, but doctors usually do not order this because they will treat it the same way anyway. Ask about it because C-peptide results might help determine which drug to take. Also, if your C-peptide result is not high, your doctor might want you to start with insulin.

The Islet-Cell Antibody diabetes testing is given to those whose family members have the disease. Scientists developed this to forecast who will develop diabetes. Not everyone wants to know the possibility of developing diabetes but if you do, just be aware that this is available. It is usually done in research centers.

There are other tests that may help, too. The glucose tolerance test is used for diagnosing gestational diabetes. Urine tests are also helpful. Glucose in urine shows the presence of the disease. Ketones in urine show you're burning fat and protein in it shows the kidneys are damaged.

Hopefully this information will help diabetes go away. it is all up to us but you, especially with your courage and determination deserve our heartfelt congratulations and offer you help so you can manage the disease better. That is our ultimate purpose in this site.

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