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Diabetes symptoms was part of the agenda during the Diabetes Awareness Week which started Sunday in Australia. There, Cynthia Evans received a special medallion from Diabetes Australia. It was a well-deserved honor for she has fought diabetes since the age of five when she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

Surely she still has some diabetes symptoms, but looking at her you will not know it. Why? Because she is full of energy and that undeniable fighting spirit. Throughout the years she has learned to develop the uncanny ability to take both the good and the bad.

She admitted that she has learned a lot of lessons since being diagnosed when she was five years old. “You must follow the rules but still enjoy your life.” That was what she said. Having a black sense of humor helped plus being willing to control the condition will go a long way in coping with it.

We already know some background information on this condition, including the diabetes symptoms. We know the organs involved in this are the pancreas located behind the stomach. For some reason, the manufacture of insulin has stopped.


Due to this stoppage, the body cells can no longer turn the glucose into energy. And you know what happens next. The body of course will start using its own fats but the glucose remains in the blood stream. The burning of the fat builds up dangerous chemicals in the blood making the diabetes symptoms appear.

Without the insulin injection every day, type 1 diabetics will not survive. That is why even now after about five decades of Dr. Banting's insulin discovery, we still thank him for this. I know researchers have been busy trying to find alternative to insulin but there is no definitive replacement yet.

Up to four injections of insulin are needed to stay alive. On top of this, type 1 diabetics have to test their blood glucose levels several times a day. Why do people get it? There are reasons but it usually happens before one is thirty years old. But it can really happen anytime. Approximately 10 to 15% of diabetes cases are type 1.

There is no cure yet but keeping a healthy lifestyle may just help ward off the complications. Regarding this, Ms Evans said that despite the setbacks that she had to endure, there were plenty of happy moments. She has met a lot of wonderful people including doctors and nurses. The staff members like Michelle Booth were very good to her and they have become her friends.

Being a mother of two, she wants the message to get through. That is, for parents and grandparents to donate something to the Diabetes Australia or to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation to support their work "You just don’t know which child will be next.”

After fifty-one years of fighting diabetes, Ms Evans said she will continue her fight. And she has these parting words, “I’m just looking to enjoy life, keep on laughing and carry on one day at a time,” she said. “You don’t ever let it [diabetes] control you.” So if you are at risk or you have the signs written in other pages of diabetes symptoms, please get tested right away.

Diabetes Symptoms, What Could Help Reduce Them

Diabetes symptoms like frequent urination, extreme thirst and such could be reduced by coconut oil. A study on animals shows that a diet rich in coconut oil protects against resistance to insulin in fat and muscles.

This type of diet also helps avoid the buildup of body fat caused by other diets high in fat with similar number of calories. These two findings are significant because insulin resistance and obesity are risk factors in the development of type 2 diabetes.

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