More Diabetes Support Groups to Keep the Nervous System Healthy

There are diabetes support groups mushrooming everywhere. I will give you a toll-free number that will lead you to the one nearest you. Previously we covered how to prevent diabetes from damaging the nervous system and what to do when your feet, arms and legs have been affected. Now among other things, we will find out the two chief causes of foot complications.

One cause is neuropathy, so do the diabetes support groups say. About one of every four diabetics will develop foot complications because neuropathy can result in the loss of the ability to feel heat, cold and pain. This way when insignificant cuts, sores and such arise, the diabetics may not know of this condition. If left untreated, this could lead to ulceration and heaven forbid, amputation.

What is neuropathy? It is just a medical term to signify the damage in the nervous system caused by diabetes. High blood sugar readings for many a year can do harm to the blood vessels that distribute oxygen to some nerves. They can also damage the covering of the nerves, so will the diabetes support groups tell us.

This is vital because the nerves are like messengers that transport communication back and forth between the bran and other parts of the body. If they are damaged, they may stop sending messages or slow them down. Thus if you hurt your toe, it may not tell the brain and so when untreated this could lead to foot complications. Diabetes support groups will come to the rescue.

We want to prevent this from happening, and we can, if we take the needed safety measures to avoid foot injuries and to examine the feet every day. This will lessen the threat of severe foot complications. Let us see what the diabetes support groups have to say regarding treatment and prevention of this danger.

The other major cause of complications to the feet is poor circulation. More often than not, diabetics develop peripheral vascular disease which slows down the blood circulation. This makes the arteries narrow to the point that the circulation to the legs and feet is reduced so naturally the amount of oxygen and nutrition is seriously reduced as well.

In this condition, injuries will not heal properly. The diabetes support groups find it imperative that preventing this from happening is critical. Without the proper measures to prevent this, the damaged healing ability can result in infection and ulcers. So how do we prevent and treat this, you asked? Let us deal with this right now.

Wearing the correct footwear plays a significant part in caring for the diabetic feet. The recommendation is to wear footwear designed with the #1 material for the protection of the diabetic foot. And what is this? From the diabetes support groups and other organizations, we gathered that this is Plastazote foam. The graphic below is not the one recommended here.

Plastazote is that stuff made to accommodate pressure hot spots, matching with the heat and pressure. Plastazote gives the relief and shield to safeguard against foot complications. The diabetes support groups say that footwear built with Plastazote is recommended.

Here are some more benefits that diabetic footwear should give:

  • Solid heel counters to provide support and strength
  • Insoles that can be removed to provide for flexibility and the choice to put in orthotics when needed.
  • Rocker soles so as to lessen the pressure in foot areas which are predisposed to pain like the ball of the foot.
  • High and wide space in the area of the toes.

Diabetics have to pay special attention to any foot problems like loss of feeling, sores and ulcers that don’t heal and changes in the shape of the feet. Those with neuropathy will have take measures to prevent foot injury. Once you experience a foot problem, check with your doctor right away.

There are more stuff to cover to avoid foot complications. Background information is needed and the diabetes support groups will be there. Here is another toll free number that may be able to furnish the address and telephone number of the nearest diabetes support groups. 1-800-860-8747

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