Diabetes Support to Prevent Heart Attack and Stroke

Diabetes support is available to help the diabetics through learning and planning their new lifestyle but nowhere it is more essential than in accumulating knowledge to prevent heart attack and stroke. This is a high risk for the diabetics so this whole section is devoted to this topic.

Why does heart attack happen? It can happen when the blood vessels get clogged. And how do these blood vessels get blocked? Having diabetes and other things can cause the blood cholesterol to be too high. High cholesterol in turn narrows and/or clogs the blood vessels. This can of course lead to problems because not enough blood can get to all parts of the body.

What are these problems, you asked? One is angina which in laymen language is nothing but chest pain. With this condition, you feel pain in the arms, shoulders, chest or back. When you exercise, the diabetes support says you may feel it more and your heart beats more rapidly. You may perspire more than usual and feel weak.

When you take a rest, the pain may ease but if this condition is not treated, the chest pain may happen again and again. Another problem too is that when the heart nerves have been damaged by diabetes, you may not feel the pain at all. Diabetes support tells us further this may lead you to think all is well and so the condition will be left untreated.

The second thing that could happen when the blood vessels, especially the one near or in the heart, are blocked is heart attack. The heart becomes feeble because that part stops working. You will then feel chest pain accompanied by great weakness, nausea, upset stomach and sweating. So does the diabetes support tell us.

So how do we know when the heart attack is imminent? Sometimes though there is no warning. Sometimes they're here today and gone tomorrow but, remember diabetes support will be there. Just keep an open mind. But bottom line, what are the warning signs?

  • upset stomach or pain in the area
  • discomfort or pain in the back, arms, jaw or neck
  • chest uneasiness or pain
  • sweating
  • vomiting or unsettled stomach
  • shortness of breath
  • dizziness

How about high blood pressure? How do the heart problems cause high blood pressure? Well, with the blood vessels being narrow and blocked, what do you expect? Naturally, the blood will shoot out with more pressure. Mind you, the diabetes support tells us that other factors like being overweight and kidney trouble can cause high blood pressure.

Keep the blood pressure below 130/80. This will make the diabetes support happy. Otherwise, consult with your doctor. He will probably tell you to take medicine, lose weight, eat more fruits and vegetables and less of the salty junk foods and reduce alcohol intake .

Now back to the clogged blood vessels. This leads to the brain not getting enough blood to the point the affected part ceases to function. Diabetes support says that depending on the damaged part of the brain, here are the warning signs:

  • Abrupt confusion, accompanied by difficulty in talking and understanding
  • Trouble seeing in one or both eyes all of a sudden or abrupt double vision
  • Sudden terrible headache
  • Feeling an abrupt weakness or lack of feeling in arm, leg, face and leg on one side of the body
  • Sudden light-headedness, loss of sense of balance or having problem walking

Now don't panic. Some of the aforementioned warning signs may happen and then just go away. This could be a mini stroke (or TIA which is short for Transient Ischemic Attack) so tell the doctor before the big one comes along. This is what the diabetes support will say.

Now how about the arms and the legs? Can the clogged blood vessels harm them? Of course with the narrow and clogged vessels, the legs and arms will not get enough blood so this will lead to peripheral vascular disease and the diabetes support says the pain will be in the back of the legs, buttocks and thighs when standing walking or exercising.

Can the peripheral vascular disease be prevented? If not, how can one control it? The diabetes support says one can prevent this from happening. One can also control it. Here are the ways this can be done:

  • Quit smoking.
  • Keep blood fats at or near normal level.
  • Manage blood pressure by keeping it at or below 130/80.
  • Be physically active.


Proteins Behind Blood Vessel Dysfunction Identified

Now that they have identified the proteins responsible for the blood vessel dysfunction, perhaps they can eliminate this threat so that diseases such as stroke and heart problems can be prevented. Hopefully this will lead to new ways of approaching treatment of blood vessel disorders.

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Believe it or not, diabetes can also affect the teeth and gums but that's a story for another day. We will certainly learn how to deal with this, prevent this from happening and control it as best as we can

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