Diabetes Stem Cells Treatment

Diabetes stem cells is one area where the scientists have tried hard over the years to find effective treatment for diabetes. There is progress in the understanding of the disease but there is still a lack of effective therapies. The pancreatic transplantation appears to be a way to replace the beta cells that produce insulin which have been attacked and destroyed by the body's immune system.

About 1300 patients with type 1 diabetes now receive some type of diabetes stem cells treatment with pancreas transplants. It has been reported that 83% showed no symptoms of diabetes after a year. In addition they do not have to take insulin in order to maintain their blood sugar level.

The trouble is there is too much demand for pancreas. Also, patients need strong drugs so that their bodies will not reject the transplanted pancreas. They have to take these the rest of their lives and this makes them vulnerable to other diseases. That is why many hospitals refuse to do the procedure unless the patient needs a kidney transplant as well since in this case he will need the drugs anyway.


Over the years doctors have tried to treat diabetes through injections of pancreatic islet cells but the need for steroid therapy to prevent rejection increases the demand on the cells to the point that this may weaken their ability to produce insulin. That is why less than 8% of the islet cell transplants were successful.

Researchers tried to develop diabetes stem cells that should be able to renew themselves or multiply in culture. It was not obvious whether it is prudent to produce only beta cells which are the islet cells that produce insulin. They tried to find out whether it was necessary to include the other types.


Obama Stem Cell Ad Ignores 'Adult Stem Cell' Diabetes Treatments

Apparently, Obama's ad regarding stem cells implying there are presently no stem cell therapies available for someone with this disease has some people saying it's not true. They say there's stem cell treatment going on in Germany and Thailand.

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Bernat Soria and team showed that beta cells cultured without the other types did not respond to changes in the blood glucose levels as well as those that were cultured with the other types.

Then James Shapiro and his team in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada developed a procedure employing a larger quantity of islet cells and a different immunosuppressant treatment to prevent rejection. They reported that seven out of seven recipients of cell transplants did not have to take insulin and after a year their blood glucose level remained normal.

They tested the Edmonton procedure in ten centers all around the world and by 2006, six years since the Edmonton group published their excellent results with transplanting the islet cells, Witkowski P et al analyzed the status of islet transplantation.

They based their analysis on the updated results from Edmonton and compared these with the results from 19 other institutions and found out that essentially, these institutions reproduced the same results as the Edmonton protocol. More than 55% of the patients achieved total insulin independence one year after transplant.

Here's a discussion of Type 1 diabetes and stem cell treatment. Just click the arrow sign and you're good to go, unless there's some technical problems from the source.

Nowadays, this is still not a treatment for all brittle diabetic cases but you know what, it has already received nonresearch status in Canada and is near to being approved by the United States, FDA. This will only encourage progress in this field.

The Institute of Cellular Medicine is now accepting patients with Diabetes type 2. They will use the patients' own stem cells which can be brought in from different parts of the body like the bone marrow fat and blood. After they have been harvested, the lab will purify and assess them as to the quality. This is then reintroduced back to the patient. There is no way the patient will reject this form because to start with, it comes from his own body.

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