Diabetes Skin Care

Diabetes skin care is part of the hygiene to preserve the physical health. High blood glucose levels along with poor circulation, puts the tissue of the whole body at risk for infection. It may harbor bacteria and so may develop a variety of infections. So it's imperative we take an active part in this area.

These infections may range from yeast to open wound disease. Formation of scar tissue and strange yellow pimples may occur. This is an indication that there is high fat level in the blood. Boils may also form and so diabetes skin care is something that should be incorporated in one's daily schedule.

How about yeast? Yeast infections often target women who experience them as vaginal yeast infection. But yeast infections also appear in the mouth which often times is referred to as thrush. They can also develop under the arms. In fact, they like to form wherever there are warm fatty creases.

Watching out for infections is part of the diabetes skin care. It is good to know what these signs are so they can be reported to the doctor, thus nipping the problem in the bud. That way, bigger problems are avoided because the bigger issue requires more attention. Here are the signs of infection:

  • swelling
  • tenderness
  • aching
  • redness
  • heat
  • formation of pus

When you observe an infection, there are things you can do in order to prevent it from spreading. Wash the area with an antiseptic soap like Phisohex. This will kill the bacteria and so may prevent it from spreading to the other parts.

The body's outer layer also can become cracked and dry. Certainly, they appear drier and more scaly than people with lower blood glucose level. The nails also can rapidly deteriorate. The good news is this condition can be reversed. What can do this job? Controlling blood glucose level can do it.

When the blood glucose is out of control, one can become dehydrated, making the outer layer of the body dry and itchy. The diabetes skin care recommends the use of a moisturizer or cream that is lanolin-based. This may help but don't apply it between the toes because this should remain dry.


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When they become too dry and start cracking, go to the doctor. Also, manage your diabetes because high glucose level gets in the way of the cells that fight bacteria. One whose sugar level is high is susceptible to infections that require an everyday routine of cleaning and protecting. To follow the diabetes skin care, here are things to do for protection:

  • Bathe daily with water and mild soap.
  • Avoid scratches by wearing gloves when doing something that may cause injury.
  • Treat any cut immediately by washing it with warm, soapy water.
  • Apply a dry sterile dressing on the cut.
  • If the cut does not heal in a week, consult the doctor.
  • You may need an antibiotic for cuts that do not heal.
  • Apply baby powder where the skin rubs together to prevent irritation.
  • Dry the ear canals after swimming or showering to avoid infection.
  • Use sunscreen to avoid sunburn.
  • Dress wisely during winter to avoid frostbite.
  • Keep fingernails properly trimmed.
  • Prevent chapping of hands by drying them thoroughly.
  • Use hypo-allergenic cosmetics.
  • Use electric razor instead of the safety razor when shaving legs.

There you have the daily regimen of diabetes skin care of cleaning, moisturizing and protecting. If you have other suggestions where you experienced success, let us know so we can share them with the other readers by filling in the contact form below:

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